The do’s and dont’s: losing weight to enlist pt 1

Tips on how to lose weight to join the military (officer or enlisted really) video was taken at night so excuse the lighting.


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  1. Ariel Estrella says:

    What’s up man.. your info is quit helpful. Your journey to lose weight is
    just like most people in your position.. it’s to bad you learned the hard
    way to lose your weight but at least you progressed and are losing weight
    for yourself..

    I would like to say all your points are correct and I would like to add a

    1. If someone wants to lose weight they should go to a registered
    dietitians or nutritionist for consultation.. they are really helpful..

    2. Don’t listen to anyone on how to lose weight unless they are a trained
    professional dietitian or nutritionist.. not recruiters ,nursies( which
    including doctors only receive one class in nutrition.) Or random people..
    people who lift weights and a lot of personal trainers don’t know

    3. There are great websites on eating and proper nutrition , eating the
    right foods including vegetables.

    4. Don’t food deprive yourself it’s dangerous

    5. Also take your time don’t rush yourself it’s your personal journey to
    lose weight just don’t do it just to join the service..

    6. Don’t let a recruiter pressure you to lose weight it’s wrong UN healthy
    and wrong.

    The funniest thing a couple of recruiters have toldd me was the day before
    meps you should not eat anything at all.” Totally fucking unhealthy.. the
    second another recruiter told me I should eat Cherrios and water.. ”
    totally stupid… I laughed at both of them…

  2. Josh Scherer says:

    So it’s always been my dream to join the corps. I used to weigh 465 pounds
    and I am currently down to 298 which is the smallest Ive been since 8th
    grade. I need to get down to 171. Any advice on keeping the lose going. Its
    really started slowing down

  3. vickersfan says:

    i’ve had it with life so far and i’m joining the military. i need to lose
    like 100lbs!

  4. Jesus Villarreal says:

    Anyone leaving for MA in june if so let me know id like a friend

  5. Suresh Shrestha says:

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  6. noahtarnamusic says:

    I feel like I have a great deal of respect for you right after you said ‘ I
    work out three to five times a day, because i’m unemployed and my main
    focus is on joining the military’ Great job man, youre real honest and good

  7. Anca Dinnu says:

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  8. shafin ahmed says:

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  9. daman giri says:

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  10. UltimateSaul says:

    Its not about working out its about what we eat. if we ate the right stuff
    like fruits, vegetables, nuts ect.. we’ll lose weight ! trust me just stay
    away from junk food, eat right do a little running or walking maybe if you
    want you can lift but its mostly eating healthy and staying active.

  11. Jays Words says:

    best way to lose weight is to lift weights. the more muscle you have, the
    more energy your body needs to maintain that muscle. calorie = unit of
    energy, so you burn more calories just by having more lean muscle. I
    recommend lifting 3-5 times per week. you don’t need cardio, just lift
    heavy to build muscle and eat a clean diet. To lose weight, eat 500
    calories less than you need to maintain your weight, this way you should
    lose 1lb per week. that’s a healthy weightloss time frame

  12. Darrell Robinson says:

    Also, every time you exercise hard or eat healthy try to think or believe
    that you’re improving. Losing weight is a mental game believe it or not. If
    you have a positive attitude combined with a sharp dedication and great
    hunger then you can do nothing but lose weigh. When I started Air Force
    ROTC August 2011 I came in at 282 lbs. My commanding officer said I had to
    get to 202 lbs. Currently I am at 218 lbs so I still have 16 more pounds to

  13. Jays Words says:

    congrats! don’t be discouraged if the weight loss slows down. you will drop
    a lot of weight for the first few months, and then you might go from losing
    12-15 a month to just around 5-8. its a marathon not a race. thank you for
    deciding to serve in our AF

  14. Annette Lindsey says:

    i was really interested by this because i too am a female wanting to join
    the airforce and they told me i had to lose weight as well except im 5’2
    and i weigh 182.6 but i have to weigh 150 but im going for 145. so like
    what is your workout plan? and i just started working out so :/ gotta long
    way to go but i would love to know how everything has went for you

  15. yreyesz says:

    i wanna join to but i have a lot to lose. i needed to lose 72lbs and now i
    need 49. i lost 20lbs the 1st month by just changing what i eat but now I’m
    stuck. i spend all day every day doing hw, i haven’t found workout time.
    Things are starting to look hopeless

  16. Jays Words says:

    doesn’t matter, once you get enough muscle your body will naturally lean
    out. You can be in extreme shape at 200+ pounds, at that point if you have
    a low bf% they will just measure your waist and neck and you will be fine

  17. Priyank Patel says:

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  18. techkyo7 says:

    I’m a huge fatass and I was thinking about joining the military now I was
    working out a lot every day for 4 months and I started to noticed changes
    but at that time my girl broke up.with my and I just stop caring I start to
    eat whatever

  19. Carl Johnson says:

    I think the military is too strict on weight. In my opinion if you can pass
    all the PT you should be eligible regardless of weight. Also are you from
    the 626?

  20. OnlyEffort says:

    dont do the laxative thing.i did for a while and found out the hard way
    that you’re doing permanent damage to your liver,and kidneys

  21. David Dudley says:

    @poolie626 Heck ya, yesterday I did the IST with the poolees, Sgt. Wilkie
    (recruiter) wants me to work out with them on Thursdays and Saturdays, plus
    they also work out every day at 0800 at 24 hr so I have no excuses….Plus
    they will be on my ass, so between that and eat right like you have
    mentioned I think I’m golden! Good luck on this next months goal man!
    THANKS for the support.

  22. Chanaka Madusanka says:

    Have you experienced Zippy Fat Loss? (look for it on google) It is a quick
    and easy way to burn up fat fast.

  23. ArmyWeightLoss says:

    This is cool. I want to get into the army. So I am going on my weight loss
    journey. I even started a weekly video blog. Check it out.

  24. Khaja Asmery says:

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  25. Jays Words says:

    @yreyesz just keep it up, if you want it, make time to workout. I workout 6
    days a week and i have a 3.8 gpa as an engineering major. you really only
    need 30min to 1hr a day. wake up an hour earlier or go to sleep an hour
    later. everyone hits a plateau in weightloss so dont feel bad. Eat a clean,
    low carb diet for about 2 weeks and change up your workouts and you’ll see
    change i promise. BUt you can’t cheat, try this out. email me and ill send
    you a link of the diet i followed when i hit a plate

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