Crazy Christmas Lady – *Travis and Judith Vlogmas*

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  1. 4Judith1 says:

    11/30/2013 Vlog, Hope you like it!

  2. Benisha McFerrin says:

    The PO box was calling for her, at the post office. ..it was saying judith
    open me

  3. NJatTheDisco says:


  4. jpabmx says:

    I hope your PO box gets full with lots of nice cards, letters, and
    presents! I’m glad you guys finally decided to get one! =] You guys
    are great!

  5. Nicole M. Holloway says:


  6. asimone says:

    I have no idea what to send you guys Judith, but I would like to send you
    guys something for the holidays…since this is my fav Youtube channel :) 

  7. grace owusua says:

    what happened to your instagram???

  8. Ahleenda Menina says:

    How old is Faith?

  9. Jael Mervil says:

    Nutmeg taste really great in drinks Judith 

  10. ralpsimone says:

    Lol Travis’s reaction was priceless 

  11. Faraja Ari says:

    enjoyed this vlog i must say. so did u figure out what the boneless
    shoulders were? chicken, beef?…

  12. grace OJO says:

    you are my guilty pleasure

  13. Fatimah Jibril says:

    yea, loved it. Don’t know what it is about your channel that always make
    want to watch your videos. nice videos. Doing a great job. say hi to
    Travis. and its funny what he said about just popping up, going to work,
    back from work. LOL

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