Beginner Drill

This video shows new cadets how to stand at attention, and do basic facing movements.


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  1. Dennis Ho says:

    thanks alot 

  2. Virus Network says:

    Hey, can you do a video on marching commands? I like the video hope

  3. CAPTutorialized says:

    Our squadron SOP said to tuck not blouse.

  4. bailey bonnell says:

    omg yours arnt ass good bud

  5. GamingRabbits says:

    i was talking about how you were a douche bag to the guy “eguye velez”, he
    was obviously a child trying to show off, let him have his child hood.

  6. Trevor Gale says:

    @Clarky702 same here

  7. CAPTutorialized says:

    My opinion, for the average Airman/Marine…. Not PJ or any of that
    special shit.

  8. CivilWarz says:

    Thanks for responding yea of course I know your not regarding spec ops
    those are superior units in everybranch but regarding lifestyles with the
    average Airman/Marine I understand, I asked because I was wondering which
    to join a long time ago obviously Ive made my decision and its interesting
    to find out why others joined as well, since I wanted to do aviation
    maintenance I could have gone AF but no branch bashing intended I just
    didnt want to take the “easy” route


    Sorry. You have to wrong guy. I was never a douche to equye velez. I do see
    now why you posted what you did to CAPTutorailzed.

  10. TheEditedGamerDotNet says:

    ya but cadets usuallydo the 90 degree turn and bang at the end of the turn,
    turn 2 3 bang

  11. christina greer says:

    mine too

  12. breetbree says:

    thanks for the upload. i don’t know why the concept of left and right face
    was so fricken difficult before, this helped :)

  13. CAPTutorialized says:

    I was 14 when I made the video lol

  14. MangaDesigns says:

    @julian1064 lucky you guys get army im 18 about to join the Army next month
    but only thing we got is Navy Cadets Civil air partol young mariens and
    thats it far as i know

  15. angel ramirez says:

    Is that a jersey city patch? Lol I’m from jersey city squadron I’m a airman

  16. Jaden Beelby says:

    In Canada (and the rest of the Commonwealth), we don’t shine combat boots.
    It gives the enemy something to spot.

  17. Helena Tepes says:

    shiney bootz! :)

  18. kevin schiltz says:

    @chibigrunt mine never end back up at a 45 Degree angle thats why sometimes
    i get knocked out on the knock out drill we have with the battalion

  19. lalala ivanov says:

    euh….in my squadron…we scratch when we want…cause we are bosses yeah


    No… 45…

  21. politicaltruth42 says:

    haha about face sucks on carpet….i remember going to see a drill sergeant
    late at night during basic training and i kinda tripped on the about
    face…i felt like such a douche bag lol

  22. DiFaSaProductions says:

    are you an airman 1st class?

  23. CashyKoo123 says:

    To everyone complaining about “sliding his foot” that is how CAP does it.
    That is how the Air Force does it, Army and Navy, as far as what I’ve been
    told, do “stamp” their feet.

  24. Will Power says:

    fucking hate about face

  25. mushroom4218 says:

    excuse me sir are you in marine corps if you are i am a candian air cadets
    does drill change when you get in to the forces

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