Jonah Mowry: ‘Whats goin on..’

Jonah Mowry: ‘Whats goin on..’ video Thank you to everyone for all your loving support, comments, messages, videos and letters…. it has meant more to my fa…


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  1. Jonah Mowry says:

    Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year!

  2. Jonah Mowry says:

    From my family to yours, we wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. Merry

  3. Brett Crosby says:

    This kid’s story about getting bullied is a must watch if you haven’t seen

    Jonah Mowry: ‘Whats goin on..’

  4. mianae scott says:

    you really do have a million reasons to be here stay strong and don’t be
    afraid to tell an adult what’s going on stay strong Jonah Mowry

  5. mr nice light says:

    dont do anything stubed realy you are good guy :) 

  6. Chris .Chris says:

    I know how you feel
    you’re more stronger than me
    big love and hug from Taiwan :) 

  7. Jean Chen says:

    hang on there!
    your the best!!!

  8. olivia snodgrass says:

    thats really sad. you dont deserve that. NEVER LET THEM BRING YOU DOWN!

  9. 何志桐 says:

    Nobody is born should be discriminated against, do it yourself and do not
    care about other people’s eyes. Never give up, stick to their dreams alive

  10. Julio Espana says:

    a friend of mine told me about this video, wel, she didnt tell me but i
    over heard about it. you mite not know me or any of us but you got support
    and friends out here for you. im against bullying man and i’ll do wat i can
    to abolish it. Email me at julioespana7@gmail.com if anything. we got you

  11. antony suwondo says:

    jonah,jesus love you, forgive them, even if it hurts,i’m from indonesian

  12. Eleni Bieber says:

    I know how you felt…I just wanted to say that you were really strong and
    I know that you grow up but we are with you:)

  13. Angela Aguirre says:

    Thank you for sharing this and taking a huge step in courage. It feels
    really vulnerable to take leaps like this but you did IT. And now I hope
    you feel even more connected to others as well as loving yourself for
    taking this leap. Know your self worth and that you are never alone. I’m
    very happy I came across this video on an article I was reading on
    Huffington Post. Many blessings to you Jonah. :) 

  14. Yuri Artyom says:

    dude… whats your story? its the first time i hear of u

  15. Tip Top Taste Music says:

    Dude, I wanna tell you that if you never did anything more in your life
    than this, you’ve already proven your self-worth & keen ability to color
    outside the lines. The story, design & delivery of your message was
    amazingly talented & flawless. What makes you different is also what makes
    you inspiring. Haters are always out there.. many hate those they see as
    misfits and/or unpopular.. then there’s tons of haters who hate those who
    find their niche/place in life & who rise in popularity. Just remember..
    the same as you didn’t consider it fair or nice for others to make
    preconceptions about you.. the way most like to stereotype others; don’t
    let yourself fall into that same mistake. Haters are not defined by any
    particular group.. they exist in basically ALL types, classes, & groups of
    people.. but not any ONE single type/class/group is entirely made up of
    haters. It would be a mistake, for example, to conclude that Christians
    (as a whole) are haters.. or that Atheists (as a whole) are. And I can’t
    nor would I want to, attempt to impose my beliefs on you.. but I do
    proclaim to be a Christian & i have flaws like anyone else. You may or may
    not be a proclaimed Christian, I don’t know.. but all I hope to do is at a
    minimum plant a thought with you that may be helpful now or later in life.
    That thought is that JESUS LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU ARE. You’re not broken..
    the WORLD is. There’s a reason that in the news people of all walks of
    life are steadily represented as self-destructive.. some rich, some poor..
    the nameless AND the famous.. those who don’t believe in God & those that
    do.. and THAT REASON IS, it’s ONE THING to “believe in something” but it’s
    another to “graduate from belief.. and into personally KNOWING.” To KNOW
    GOD is the only endearing hope that will fulfill all voids in our life.
    You TRULY DO have a MILLION REASONS to live.. & Jesus Christ can help you
    discover them all. You are created by Him.. & He’s not ashamed of you..
    He’s proud of you and HE LOVES YOU!

  16. Oo Fhazz says:

    stay strong bro!

  17. Supitsara Kumchuang says:

    I love you Jonah :)
    Big hug from Thailand

  18. Athitaya Sorathiwa says:

    I also went through something like this. It wasn’t a bully but a few
    pedophiles that they scared me out of shit. I still have nightmares
    nowadays, but it’s getting much better than before. I had been hiding it
    for my whole life until a few years ago I decided to tell my family. My mom
    cried a lot and my dad swear so much that I have never heard a polite man
    like him do that before hahahaha funnier thing was my nerd brother’s
    reaction lol i just want to say that suicide is not the right choice but
    family. I understand some people might not have family or friends but
    killing yourself is still wrong… because life always surprise you. You
    don’t know when good things gonna happen. I wouldnt have met the love of my
    life if i succeed when I tried to kill myself in grade 8

  19. superdoop says:

    awww maaaaan. T__T

  20. Valensia weine says:

    If u don’t know I’ll tell that although we’re not know each other, after i
    watched this, you are my friend. I know only short message cannot help you
    a lot but I don’t have the better way to encourage you now. You still have
    your patents, one close friend andd I. Yep and you’re right you have a
    million reasons to be here. :) 

  21. Les Glover says:

    You really are one of my new heroes. I needed to see your video to
    understand what some peole around me are going through. I am more aware
    now and thank you. Truly thank you. You are a brave young man.

  22. Kotryna Vasenko says:

    Wow…i’m really proud of you. You are such an amazing person,and I wish I
    was strong like you. Just never stop believing in yourself.
    P.S. I cried like a baby during this video.

  23. Fabienne Prins says:

    please stay strong 

  24. Levi Calledin says:

    Please know that you shouldn’t hurt yourself. You don’t deserve the pain
    and you shouldn’t hate yourself. You do have a reason to be here. And you
    just gave a whole lot of people the inspiration. Jonah, you are not any of
    those hurtful names. You’re an inspiration, a strong person, you’re also a
    solider of your generation. You’re going to be okay, believe me. I have
    something for you. Some links and a set of things you can do to stop these
    bullies. I was bullies since I was in Pre-k, kindergarten and up to high
    school. I know how you feel (Darling, You’ll Be Okay (Life Gets Better;
    Stay Strong))

    1: Say Only 3 words to your bullies and no more. Ever. Words like “Stop”
    “Enough” or “Stop Bullying” are great too. But only use 3 words. This will
    really get the message a cross. I tried it and it worked! :)

    2: Report the bullying. Tell an adult. But I strongly recommend you tell a
    trusted one. Just because they’re grown up doesn’t mean they can’t bully. I
    learned that in 1st grade. If you can’t find them, or they won’t do
    anything, tell your parents to make a lawsuit on the school or you can tell
    the police. Police will work. :) Bullying is a crime now.

    3: Ignore, laugh, or walk away. This episode on anti bullying right at 1:19should clear all of step 3 up (I’m really bad at explanation! XD). (Stop
    Bullying Now – Episode 11)

    I hope this helps and take care. :) 

  25. Heyitsdaisy says:

    my teachers showed my class this video and it brought out a lot of
    emotions. I cried, a lot, in front of people I usually wouldn’t. No one
    cared…I just hope things will get better or else, what’s the point of

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