Robert Spencer Book Review Ch.2,pt.1

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  1. sst says:

    You’re now a proven pathological liar. You cant get on the web and fine me
    ONE example. And to prove your gibberish trash u drag ur cousin’s friend. I
    am adding this video to my favorites and DARE you to debate me and prove
    that ISLAM in its entirety does not support terrorism. I have a fair amount
    of visitors to my profile

  2. ozzycda says:

    That is your opinion and you are welcome to it, peace!

  3. SELVAJANE says:

    Muslims are ever-ready to refute people who are raising issues of concern
    in Islam, like wife beating, terrorism, violence etc. But the people you
    should be refuting are Muslims who condone these practises. There was a
    youtube response by a muslim lady about a man who had said koran permits
    IMAMS, WHO CONDONE WIFE BEATING. She wasnt willing to. She rather refute
    someone else raising the question!!!!!!!!!

  4. SELVAJANE says:

    Ozzy – Martyrdom getting you into heaven may well be a well known idea in
    Muslim circles. It does kind of make sense cos muslims have no guarantee of
    going to heaven… so, makes sense that martyrs get offered this extra
    guarantee as a reward. As far as the bible is concerned FAITH, BELIEVING in
    Jesus (as… ) is enough to guarantee heaven. Its like you are already

  5. sst says:

    And how many verses should I produce saying that the disbelievers goto
    hell. Theological intolerance in other words.

  6. Ameriki1 says:

    Christian martyrdom is considered a passive event… no need to strap bombs
    to ones self and slaughter people to do it.

  7. ozzycda says:

    You should read into this topic of 72 virgins…and the wine in paradise.
    Your falling into the trap of Spencer…which i will be refuting in his
    chapter on heaven. But I will give you a preivew. There are no 72 virigns
    talked about….and the wine is not alcholic.

  8. darkentity88 says:

    Hey ozzycda you should read the Book When the Moon Split. That is the best
    biography available about Muhammad.

  9. Ameriki1 says:

    You do know that many believe the entire Koran is perfect and imutable and
    valid for all times and places right? So are you saying that the entire
    Koran is not valid for all times and all places and ergo is not perfect,
    and needs to be understood in a historical context?

  10. ozzycda says:

    No I agree for sure Paradise will have these things according to the Quran.
    But a Martyr has to die within the limits of Islam. THe defending of ones
    home…against an enemy army…but killing innocence and commiting sin will
    not make you are martyr that goes to Paradise but to Hell instead. That is
    all I’m saying. Of course Martyrs IN ANY FAITH think they are going to
    Heave…why would they Martyer themselves? Peace

  11. ozzycda says:

    I think ignorance is the motivation. If they knew what Muhammad said about
    suicide ie. going to hell for it…they wouldn’t do it. ITs brainwashing
    and ignorance.

  12. sst says:

    Read my question again.Absolutely no mention of violence. So if the enemy
    does not show inclination towards peace;maybe the Muslims should offer
    peace first. makes sense?!That wudnt be agressive posturing even in the
    context of a war. Do u want me to quote the hadeeths now? Mohammed’s
    character will be ripped in abt 3 posts dude

  13. ozzycda says:

    I am talking about the concept of Martydom period, since you mentioned it,
    if you wanted to talk about a Islamic reformation, please be upfront with
    it, I don’t mean to sound like an A-hole, thank you for the comment, and I
    completely agree with you when it comes to a none-Whabbi Islam, peace

  14. ozzycda says:

    Your bleding my words together bro. I said the definition of Martyrdom is
    dieing for once believe…so the British soldier would be a martyr in the
    eyes of some…because he died for his cause. Muhammad said and the Quran
    says if he die in the Cause of Allah which could be fighting, doing
    Dawah(preaching), defending your home, you are a Martyr. But there are
    limits that if crossed you are not a martyr at all.

  15. ozzycda says:

    I have seen Mulsim produce anti terror vidoes here on youtube, and if you
    ask many of the Muslims user, i am sure they denounce terror in the name of
    Islam, because those tactics of sucicide bombing go against Islam’s
    teachings. Peace

  16. ozzycda says:

    You might be right but nowhere in Isalm is blowing yourself up allowed.
    Commiting sucicide is a sin as reported in the Hadiths and the Quran. Thank
    you for watching my videos, peace

  17. ozzycda says:

    This is referring to the Battle of Badr, just so you know, thought you
    might be intersted in the context, like you said..peace!

  18. ozzycda says:

    Well after doing some quick research all I could find is that it really
    isn’t practiced but on the flip side I didn’t find any stories of disowning
    the women at all. But we have to be careful to generalize. peace

  19. SELVAJANE says:

    Thanks for responding. What we need from Muslims is publlic outrage at
    terrorists and suicide bombers. Like burning of an effigy of Osama Bin
    Laden who disgraces Islam (and from what you said you seem to agree with
    this view) Unfortunately the lynch mob come out when non muslims draw stuff
    like cartoons or pope makes a statement.

  20. ozzycda says:

    If you want to debate me, show some respect and not insults, then I will
    speak with you. Just because I cannot produce a static that shows that
    every Muslim women who married a Jew was rejected by her family, doesnt
    mean that peace between families NEVER happen, come on! Peace

  21. sst says:

    OK.Give me an example of a Muslim woman marrying a Jew guy without the
    girl’s family disowning her!

  22. ozzycda says:

    As I said this is theological tolerance, meaning that many people with go
    to paradise. Peace

  23. ozzycda says:

    I ment to say Non-Muslim men just so you know…peace…again

  24. sst says:

    The Qur’an: Sura (5:51) – “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the
    Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst
    you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah
    does not guide the unjust people.” Sura (5:80) – “You will see many of them
    befriending those who disbelieve; certainly evil is that which their souls
    have sent before for them,

  25. mochaman11 says:

    Great job!!! Thank you for finally refuting the lies and half-truths Robert
    Spencer writes. Salaam!

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