George Will: ‘Gender-norm’ Military Fitness Requirements?

George Will on physical fitness standards for women in combat.
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  1. john smith says:

    cant you handle the truth that’s life grow up get over it

  2. john smith says:

    dream on

  3. deckmje says:

    I’ve got news for everyone, the standards in the regular army, not combat
    arms are not the same for men and women. They had to change them because it
    weeded out to many women. Now tell me again how women want to have the same

  4. prosperitywoman4life says:

    I know that the lady that said she interviewed 2 female combat medics was
    misleading the facts, most men with all their gear on are over 230 lbs, now
    also most guys are taller so that adds more gravitational weight to them.
    Most women in the military cannot meet this physical requirements on a
    consistent basis, it would take much harder training for women. This is the
    only way to make it equal, the women must rise to meet the same standards
    that the guys do. And many women will not pass it

  5. Operator says:

    Your comment needs punctuation, It’s incomprehensible as one statement.

  6. Alt Del says:

    Liberalism over logic and scientific facts will be the death of our
    nation. Nowadays when we stat the obvious facts that men have at least 30%
    the muscle mass over women in general, we are called sexist, when they are
    facts, when we stat that men have at least 15% the brain mass over women,
    and brains that are wired for math and science and inventions, the dumbass
    lawyers call us sexist. We are getting tied down by this PC and facts are
    thrown out the window for PC, it spells our decline.

  7. Harry Florias says:

    I was really kidding, War can mess anyone up male or female, I very much
    dislike war,

  8. Deepstarr7020 says:

    What do you mean ” You wouldn’t go that far”? The way you “feel” about the
    facts means nothing. Everything you typed is common knowledge, but still
    doesn’t overshadow the fact that these same men shoot themselves in the
    head. Who cares about the physicality of a corpse?Your reply was
    pitiful…you just wanted say something. We all know men are built to
    fight, stop beating a dead horse. My point is that women are outlasting the
    men mentally.

  9. kobesacs says:

    Does George even lift?

  10. john smith says:

    equal rights gets equal treatment. same physical tests across the board and
    everyone has to register for the selective service

  11. AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

    This is ridiculous, my whole life, dumbasses have been saying they are just
    aren’t physically capable enough to enter combat. When are we going to
    accept that this is sexism pure and simple?

  12. Harry Florias says:

    Common sense should tell you that, men are naturally stronger than women in
    more numbers, of course you will have exceptions but few and far between
    and not enough to justify. In the end they will probably have double
    standards or weaken the standards to make one size fits all. You can talk
    about this all you want, but you can’t escape the facts. A slew of studies
    published during the past decade have shown that women are two to eight
    times more apt to rupture their ACL than men.

  13. DoesRwjsmom says:

    women result in distraction on the battlefield. As would a man in an all
    female group

  14. Harry Florias says:

    A commander with PMS does not have a stable mind to make focused decisions.

  15. Professor Logic says:

    Why do people not get this?

  16. spacepatrolman says:

    read it out loud then you will get it

  17. Dinishte says:

    the same way a 140lb man would. Strength and determination. We need them
    STRONG enough, not this pathetic current standard that is so far below ours.

  18. Jettisawn1 says:

    While I don’t agree with his position, he is correct that men are generally
    stronger, but that doesn’t mean women should be barred from wanting to
    servicing their country. We need to have the best people in all positions
    of our military.

  19. Marco Fabian says:

    not hating but. lets face it, women arent as good as men in combat. men are
    stronger and more vital in war. the women may slow them down if she gets
    injured and needs help

  20. Tamy Kaze says:

    This guy’s a sexist mofo! You can see it clearly in his ugly, wrinkled
    face. Loser.

  21. nezonic says:

    The man’s right. Sexual equality is a wonderful thing in an urban world
    where physical differences matter very little, but it is simply
    unreasonable to compromise the military with people who cannot maintain a
    comparable fitness level.

  22. syn1183 says:

    Seriously dude? Why don’t u grow a vagina? At least u would be justified
    for crying about sexism

  23. Deepstarr7020 says:

    You talk about stable minds yet we hear story everyday about an unstable
    soldier committing suicide …most of them never saw combat. “Even so, the
    suicide risk for female soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan is still lower than
    for men serving next to them, the $50 million study says” – USA Today
    That’s the reality. Even a woman on the rag can keep it together better
    than her male counterparts.

  24. 1Pierocks says:

    @spacepatrolman everybody in the militry goes to combat eventually

  25. spacepatrolman says:

    this is shear nonsense there are guys in the military that are never in
    combat cooks mechanics doctors they dont need everybody in combat just the
    vic morrows of the world a girl cant win a hand to hand combat knife fight
    with a six foot guy 100 men will test today only three win the green beret

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