point reyes light house part 2

30 story building climb.
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  1. gothgirl62 says:

    heck yeah for grandpops he is the man…

  2. gothlover4u says:

    your grandpop rocks

  3. IWalk4tnt says:

    Once again…”YAY” for Sonoma (aka: my little corner of the world!) And
    DOUBLE Yay for you & Grandpop for making that climb! WTG! Sandi

  4. LouiseMarie DelSanto says:

    He has to be the coolest man..again, thank you for that mini vacation…I
    loved the view, the tour and the scenary. ..love to you both.

  5. jerryspringer44 says:

    napa is great too, we had fun there. love you so much baby girl.

  6. 1DRock37167 says:

    I would never make it without the net!

  7. PucksAngel says:

    Fun – I want to go – smell that air, listen to the water – love that. Your
    gramps seems way fun.

  8. dreamer72fem says:

    Your grandpops seems really cool. That looked like a lovely day you guys

  9. PalmOliveSoap says:

    i would not climb it wow she is a go’er i got your package YAY !! SPRINKLES

  10. MrJamal3060 says:

    your in great shape wow, keep up the good job, grandpops is the best, love

  11. KelleeRose1 says:

    Hi to Grandpop!! That is absolutely beautiful Jarat!! Thanks for showing us :)

  12. laura20ful says:

    I love you guys.llllll

  13. 1DRock37167 says:

    Hi Grandpops! I could live there if I had the internet.

  14. thenudo says:

    very cool!! :)

  15. PalmOliveSoap says:

    but only with internet life would be horrid with out SPRINKLES

  16. brandojj36 says:

    that is awesome, please meet me, I live close, think about it ok? love

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