Wrist tendon injection pt. 1.AVI

Yesterday, I had to get cortisone shots in my wrist tendon, which has been hurting since December. I’m really impressed at this new technique with doppler ul…
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  1. Lozzengarr says:

    I had this 3 weeks ago and it hurt, but I have a low pain threshold. My
    wrist still feels as bad as it was before, does anyone know if it is normal
    3 weeks after or does it usually take longer to work???

  2. Erica Pollino says:

    @novondoiel YES

  3. Shawn Belisle says:

    This didn’t work for me…i had to have surgery…..didn’t help with the
    pain either

  4. Ashleigh M says:

    did this hurt like a bitch?? be honest haha i have to get the same thing
    done in a couple of days… eeep

  5. videogamer24385 says:

    I am officially scarred for life now.

  6. amberlynn6914 says:

    @videogamer24385. LOL

  7. Lozzengarr says:

    I was diagnosed with this 6 months ago, after a month of been told no one
    what it was I have been in a scaphoid cast, rested it in a splint, 2
    injections, the second one 4 weeks ago and its still no better. My only
    option is surgery now but the Dr is trying to avoid it because of my age.
    Did the surgery help anyone??

  8. Charles M. says:

    It wasn’t too bad, and now it’s been over a year since I’ve had any trouble
    with it. It turns out that I can’t wear a watch, because I have two tendons
    that cross over somehow, and any constant pressure causes irritation, which
    starts up the tendonitis. I had to get the injections a second time, but no
    problem since. Honestly I don’t have a problem with needles, so that gives
    me an advantage in not finding the pain too bad.

  9. halie557 says:

    Did it hurt??

  10. russelD9 says:

    i has a cortisone shot in my leg i had to be pind down

  11. hunterjacob2 says:

    i had mine Im really worried that it was the wrong choce i still have
    numbness in my index,middle, and ring fingers after almost 4 hours i hope
    this is normal i shouldnt of got it but the doctor recomended it

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