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Dr. J. D. Hasenbank, CSCS, CCSP – http://DrHasenbank.blogspot.com – shows how to lace your running shoes if your heel slips or if you have hyper-mobile feet.


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  1. SirOreo86 says:

    Great video. I’ve see this type of lacing being demonstrated in other
    videos but authors have not explained very well when it should be used vs.
    not. I like the explanation presented in this video.

  2. Rene R says:

    Excellent video. As a severe pronator I will definitely try this technique.

  3. Ianfirespider says:

    cool shoes. good demonstration

  4. kyler Edelman says:

    Can you do this on basketball shoes?

  5. skanda3337 says:

    Thanks Doc

  6. J. D. Hasenbank says:

    There is no problem using the last lace holes. Sometimes the laces are too
    short some shoes to go that high. It still allows the “wrapping-like
    effect” around the calcaneus they way it is shown. Sometimes, if the laces
    are long enough or if someone’s foot is really narrow you will have enough
    length to use it. Thanks for your input and comment!!! – Blessings, J.D.

  7. amc2525 says:

    Dear Dr. Hasenbank. I just want to thank you very much for this video.
    After I watched it things started to make a bit more sense. I personally
    have a under-pronated wide foot. I had a pair of running shoes that I was
    %99 confident were the right size (as their was a thumb width in between
    the end of my toe and the end of the shoe). For some reason they were still
    slipping in the back by the heel. But now I will try the stirrup laces and
    see if that solves the problem

  8. J. D. Hasenbank says:

    When you don’t have the extra holes in the shoes it is hard to get the
    right leverage needed to wrap the rearfoot of the shoe around your heels
    properly. Also, new shoes take some time to mold to the back of your foot.
    The other issue could be that you heels are narrow and the rearfoot of your
    shoe was made too wide for you. Hope that helps you trouble shoot a bit. –
    Blessings, J.D.

  9. Karan D says:

    what shoes do you have?

  10. Chibi Ramie says:

    Tried this style on my new shoes and my heels at the back still moves a
    bit.not too much.but i can still feel it moving up & down a bit.There’s no
    extra 2 holes though.I wonder why ;n; helppp

  11. mikelo303 says:

    I used it on my MTB shoes and it worked. I think it works for all kind of
    shoes. Laces are laces. Try it.

  12. mikelo303 says:

    By the way. I am talking about Five Ten Baron MTB shoes. It worked!

  13. covidiu says:

    Yeah, that’s the correct way to do it, but I don’t understand why you
    didn’t use the extra holes at the end (visible at 1:23) that were put there
    specifically for that.

  14. burdledoo98 says:


  15. J. D. Hasenbank says:

    I have not tried but I am sure you can.

  16. Cortadillo517 says:

    Thank you for this video. I truly love running (although I’m not great at
    it), but I’ve had a slew of injuries since I started 2 1/2 years ago. The
    latest injury is on the upper portion of my right foot (towards the ankle,
    not the toes), and I believe this lacing method is helping to alleviate the
    pressure that was causing it.

  17. JamesHaskin says:

    This is wonderful. I’m gonna use it on my running and skating shoes :D

  18. subzerized sub says:

    thank you sir for a very informative video.. ill try it on my next run =]

  19. jimmyhuajh says:

    Does this work for basketball player? i am recovering from a stress
    fracture, and i am looking for a new way to lace my shoes

  20. J. D. Hasenbank says:

    You are welcome! Please pass our videos on to others. – Blessings, JD

  21. Pierre Medici says:

    what shoelace is best for me? i got the nike free run +3 running shoes and
    when im doing cardio after some minutes my feet are in sooo much pain lke
    if i was runing over stones

  22. J. D. Hasenbank says:

    It is fine to have your heel slip up and down so long as it does not cause
    you discomfort or blisters.

  23. nielsiano says:


  24. shylildude says:

    what is the name of this shoe and what is the retail price?

  25. mikelo303 says:

    Maaaaan. This is genius! It helped instantly. You have saved me from
    returning my new shoes. So simple. I always wondered why there are two
    extra holes so high and my laces so long. Now everything makes sense!

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