Steve Jobs Speech (1995) – The Future of Animation

The keynote speech by Steve Jobs at Siggraph 95. More at: http://youtu.be/d76GBkG3oyM | http://youtu.be/jpHhU0hvxEI 01:57. Technology in films history 09:34….
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  1. h4x0y says:

    How’s that? Apple didn’t change its vision nor did the products degrade in
    quality at all. And remember, even with steve on board, it took Apple
    several years in between what people refer to as “major innovations”. If
    2014 passes without a major change in product strategy and/or no new
    category of device – then we may start to worry about Apple.

  2. Ramotion says:


  3. Johnny Saunders says:

    How close did he hit the mark?

  4. Alab Vitug says:

    Classic Steve.

  5. shahab pedramnia says:

    I think lived 22 years without any outcome. his really think different …

  6. TheOfficialCJshow says:

    toy story was the first!

  7. amuthan says:

    Wow.. Steve in suit..

  8. dimensionzombie says:

    Apple lost its edge after steve died.

  9. cowan21 says:

    Replaced my iPhone with a Lumia and regretted it ever since.

  10. bobdobb1088 says:

    Jobs is always the salesman, He has to explain to people why Toy Story is
    “better” in some way to Jurassic Park. Maybe to make sure Pixar got its
    Academy Award. But lets face it, those dinosaurs looked excellent. Both
    films are excellent, but one story Jobs never told, but John Lasseter did,
    was how (then) Disney’s Katzenberg tried to derail Pixar, attempting to
    force Lasseter to ruin the film, some speculating that it was to pave the
    way for Katz’s Dreamworks – brutal.

  11. 4juno says:

    True. You’d think he would have mentioned it since Tron was a Disney film.

  12. pizzahutlovinhulk says:

    watched this on my badass Nokia Lumia 920

  13. Steve Sanders says:

    He is the man of the century. No other person could ever replace his place.

  14. Dhawal Damania says:

    Steve in a Suit #WIN

  15. Brian Morgan says:

    Very interesting about the Motion Picture history, thanks. Brian, in
    Indiana USA.

  16. Nick White says:

    Steve forgot TRON in 1982! That was the first state of the art computer
    generated environment!

  17. Seven Foot Pelican says:

    Apple, Pixar, and NeXT — all magical companies in their own respect.

  18. Henry Granlund says:

    Steve underlines the fact that no other technicolor film was commercially
    successful or ignited the demand for color in movies before the Wizard of
    Oz and the same thing with special effects in Terminator 2, although these
    weren’t the firs films with that particular technology to be made. This
    also applies to Steve’s achievements at Apple. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad
    weren’t the first attempts on these products (mp3, phone, tablet) however,
    each product changed the game and that’s what matters.

  19. vseae15o says:

    There had to be NeXT in order for there to be Apple today.

  20. brucewhite878 says:

    Seeing this on my iPhone, Steve would be so proud

  21. danielchunliu says:

    man was a wizard

  22. craiggo31 says:

    Wished we could see what Jobs is talking about @ 19.00mins

  23. SamFisherCell says:

    an amazing? What? An amazing visionary.

  24. MrPhacops says:

    He talks about how technology has been changing the motion picture industry
    over 100 years since its invention. 1995 milestone: first full feature film
    computer-generated, completely synthetic: Toy Story. Complex project.
    Manage scale and complexity. 34 TB of rendering data. etc

  25. Ravi Kumar says:

    We really miss this Great legend, Think how would have grown if we have
    Steve now

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