Broken wrist recovery exercises after taking off cast. Next day after taking off cast.

Full exercise video. Do like this 5-6 times a day. My right wrist was on cast 6 weeks and doctor told me to do these exercises 6 weeks. I did only 7 days eve…
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  1. Chris Shults says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this video over the last month
    since I broke my wrist. It really helped me recover, so thank you.

  2. Daniel Vin says:

    thanks! just had a snowboarding accident too, had a surgery 12 days after.
    it hurts so bad. i wish i could do a third of whats on the video!
    good luck to u

  3. Anthony Blears says:

    thanks for this!

  4. Pamela Masek says:

    I just got my cast off 2 days ago after having it on for 7 weeks. The Dr
    wants to see me in 3 weeks to see if I need theropy. I am going to do this
    vidio every day, and mabey more so I can recover quickly. Thank you.

  5. Ray Ray says:

    The Exercises You Did At 5:30 Mark You Where Unable To Get Your Right Hand
    Flat This Is The Same Problem I Am Having It Sucks Cus I Lift Weights How
    Long Did It Take For That To Become Normal Again?

  6. MrMitche4 says:

    I have just had cast off after scaphoid non union bone grafting, really
    sore and can’t move much, I think exercises should be done atleast few days
    after cast off

  7. Stefan McCarron says:

    really sorry to hear it’s still realy sore :( Hope you feel better soon

  8. Girlique says:

    The physiotherapist I saw gave me these exercises and more to do right
    after the break happened. I had one of those casts that I could take on and
    off, so I did the exercises with it off, and then put it back on again. I
    had a comminuted fracture (8 separate fractures) – apparently it’s all
    healed now, but still really sore.

  9. Girlique says:

    thank you!! :)

  10. meriel mccarron says:

    i don’t think you should be doing these 4 days after your break!

  11. meriel mccarron says:

    thanks for making the video, very helpful. I am doing exercises next day
    after cast off, having been in cast 5 and a half eeks. can’t keep up with
    pace in the early exercises without feeling sick though, too painful. Just
    a warning to others; depending on length of time in cast maybe wise to take
    these a bit more slowly .

  12. pollygirl0 says:

    I felt faint during this. Over doing it I guess.

  13. Nana... says:

    thanks for making this video, broken wrist, cast off and now cant bend
    wrist at all.. no insurance so looking on internet for some exercises to
    help in my recovery .. I will be watching it over & over! thanks again!

  14. jvoracek98 says:


  15. Girlique says:

    I just broke my left wrist 4 days ago. It’s do much easier doing the
    exercises with both hands at once.

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