Garrett Hill & Forrest Edwards: Coffee Slam! Wallenberg & OIAM! Weekend Buzz ep. 82 pt. 2

Weekend Buzz: Every Friday on Ride Channel- This week, in part 2 of 2, Garrett explains the infamous coffee slam and a Jamie Thomas sleepover, Forrest addre…


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  1. RIDE Channel says:

    Threat Skateboards Weekend Buzz Pt 2. Garret Hill tells the story of his
    viral coffee slam and a Jamie Thomas sleepover. Forrest talks about SLAP
    Magazine’s OIAM, Gary Rogers and SKATELINE, and answers your facebook

    With +Erica Yary and +Robert Brink. 

  2. BLAKE EHMKA says:


  3. fendertelesk8r says:

    Forest is a good skater but he is such a cocky cunt, he’s turning into
    jereme rogers.

  4. paul wyremaski says:

    Meant the dude Forrest

  5. Nick Tisdale says:

    Forrest is wasted in this part. Holy shit. Lol

  6. DubMartian says:

    forrest is drunk as hell

  7. Max Smith says:

    None of that Smilin Bullshit !!! 

  8. hweenmask says:

    forrest is pretty awesome skater

    he takes everything to the extreme – from skating to personality

    he only skates gnarly shit – he even said he hates ledges, he only does
    huge handrails, gaps etc

    and his personality and view of things are to the extreme too…

    for instance if he sees two men giving hugs, he will automatically say they
    are gay

    i think he is a very emotive person

    he doesnt want to show how emotive he is so he acts like the tough guy who
    never smiles and that calls every non-macho men gay…

    he is scared to receive love from others and to give love to others…

    he is an anxious person…

    and im 100% sure that his answer to all the above i wrote would be ‘THAT
    SHIT GAY’ or ‘THE FUCK THIS MOTHERFUCKER GAY’… something like that

    even tho he knows deep down that it’s true in a way or another.

    forrest is an awesome skater, but he must get out of his shell to go far in
    life as a person. because frankly, right now he is blowing pretty bad.

    get some self-esteem forrest… some confidence


  9. FLUFFi MELLO says:

    Edwards is so fucking funny

  10. dogg91702 says:

    This dude Forrest fucked up, he should have took this opportunity try and
    change his image.

  11. jonny Smith says:

    I think Forrest genuinely has a personality disorder, maybe slightly

  12. Johnny Russo says:

    forrest needs to stop being so damn homophobic 

  13. Tyler Payne says:

    i think that he thinks he is being funny

  14. Greg Berdebes says:

    Yeah DragonQuest, fa sho

  15. Bukkakekills b says:

    Forest is a bitch, that sw bs flip from that other kid was sick. Forest is
    jellin hard

  16. Moe Marino says:

    this nigga is craycray!

  17. Jamie Tompson says:

    Is that Bill Cosby’s son?

  18. Seth low says:

    not sure hes disabled……That’s dumb, and not entirely a “asshole
    unhumble cocky dcik” notice hes like “the Gnarliest…*facial expression, I
    wouldn’t really say im the gnarliest, then HE EVEN SAYS IT too. and with
    the sw bs flip im sure hes mad cuz he got showed on, then showed up (since
    he had tried sw flip) I mean that Mf got some sh*t goin on in his mind,
    But he may also be drunk as well…….just saying. AND he knows ppl are
    gonna try and act like DJ and throw that in their face as if they could(not
    that Dj did) and bother him. But I seen other parts I know he normally acts
    like that. THIS MF FUNNY AF THO

  19. supernewuser says:

    What a hateful prick.

  20. Ro Box says:

    wow everybody is being retarded. hes just a skater. hes not a fucking
    politician. start worrying more about his skating and less about his
    personality. god damn looks like everybody is looking for a ffucking idol

  21. Aaron Freese says:

    Forrest needs to skate wallows

  22. paul wyremaski says:

    Yea the dude first is great at skating but he’s a cock sucker, garrett
    probably hates being on the same team as him n listening to his bullshit

  23. Brian Gore says:

    My buddy walks in saw Forrest, sat down started watching, then hears him
    speak and his response is: “Yo is this nigger mexican??” Haha. I died
    laughing. He tottally deservers that shit.

  24. getonwithitNAO says:

    Forrest can barely make eye contact, typical of Aspergers ridden
    individuals, also the incessant homophobic comments are typical of greedy
    homosexuals with Aspergers. Delete! 

  25. badtrooper13 says:

    its kinda hard to answer these questions with a boner
    -Forrest Edwards 

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