Cordless Vacuum Sealer

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  1. notreallydaedalus says:

    Those bags look a lot like the ones with my hand-pump Zip-Loc brand system.
    Hopefully they’ll work out better for you, because I found that mine would
    lose their vacuum within a week or so in the freezer, best-case scenario. A
    significant number of the bags wouldn’t hold a seal for more than a couple
    minutes, and most were only good for a few days (without any jostling,
    handling, etc.)

  2. Brown Sugah says:

    do they have a variation on the bag size and would you mind doing a video
    sealing some food with it or a piece of food. thanks.

  3. gsneff says:

    you found it! i think they’re great. i use mine to build my first aid kits
    and such

  4. dirtydicso says:

    wtf why didn’t you try it? What’s the point

  5. George Freman says:

    rofl LOVE how you are just throwing stuff away :D also ripping the head of
    that thing like it was ment to be removed! Best unboxing vid ever!

  6. MakinLifeEasier1 says:

    I have one of the Reynolds and I can’t find the bags but I took the system
    to Walmart and tried the freshsaver bags and it works with them, I am
    planning on getting one of these for my son. It does claim “not for the
    freezer” but I have used for the freezer and they hold air fine. Nice video

  7. okmoontan says:

    FYI-the bags are not reusable. I tried and after about 10 minutes it lost
    its vac. Other than that I love it. Good video and keep ‘em coming

  8. txdurk says:

    Have you tried the jar sealer accessory?

  9. Mrcaffinebean says:

    I bet this has been one of their best sellers, good video! I just sent a
    letter to them, suggesting they throw a few dollars towards this type of
    market, I wonder if they will do it.

  10. ondaride777 says:

    how about packing a weed?

  11. extreme410 says:

    battery dead zdugadugadug ! llllllllllllooooooooooooollllllllllllllllll

  12. USNERDOC says:

    I have the same on and love it . . . great for kits of all types! As
    always, many thanks for the shout out ;-) I had to watch this twice because
    I am the “bag man” and there is nothing better than vacuum bagging!

  13. chica044 says:

    Bought one of these at a closeout store last year for $15 however mine came
    with a docking station so it sits on the counter, charging, all the time. I
    love it! Use it all the time. Great for onions, avocados, leftovers,
    cheeses, lunches etc. The bags don’t do well in the freezer but they aren’t
    made for it, they’re refrigerator bags. Would love to see them come out
    with freezer bags and a portable unit that runs on batteries.

  14. dcareyHQvideos says:

    I have the Food Saver hand-held vacuum unit using the bags, but I notice
    that it does remove all the air but it only lasts for about 24 hours before
    the air starts to leak back in. So, you have to suck out any remaining air
    on a daily basis. I haven’t tried the vacuum containers yet to see if they
    work any better at keep the air out.

  15. RNURSEWOODS says:

    great vid. will be getting one for camping

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