Neck Pain: McKenzie Exercises for Treatment of Neck Pain

An introduction to McKenzie exericses for neck pain. These exericses are a simple way for individuals to address posture deficiencies and help to rapidly cor…
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  1. Ben Hawkins says:

    um. Holding my head sideways to watch this video @3:59 is actually causing
    me more pain! X-D

  2. nivar saman says:

    nick pain exe

  3. Shane Mangrum says:

    It is not unusual to feel some differences in terms of how prominent the
    spinous processes are from one vertebrae to the next. You could not go
    wrong by visiting with a doctor and having some imaging. Hopefully that
    helps. Do you have pain or other symptoms?

  4. Hasan Moukalled says:

    I don’t have pain, but thanks I’ll visit a doctor because I had a deviation
    in my discs when I was a child.

  5. 321Trooper says:

    Thanks for this helpful video.

  6. xpez says:

    you guys riding on a train?

  7. spinenutrition says:

    @thepowerwriter I am not familiar with the content on the Fixing You
    series. I would assume there is some similarity. A lot of these exercises
    stem from the work of Robin McKenzie, PT who authored a book called Treat
    Your Own Back (or Neck). The goal for many of these exercises is to empower
    people to be able to address the issues that cause neck and back pain. In
    my videos and blog I generally try to pair McKenzie exercises with
    strengthening/stablization exercises. Hopefully that helps.

  8. Iamchristian2012 says:

    I woke up with a really sore neck, will I go paralysed if I keep on tilting
    my head even if the pain gets worse?

  9. Iamchristian2012 says:

    this pain is getting worse and worse ):

  10. probrojeffro says:

    I have serious cracking and popping in my neck along with ringing in my
    ears. I went to my doctor and ear, nose, throat; they didn’t find anything.
    But the ringing kept going. I read something about a chiropractor could
    cause neck harm. I had seen one several months ago before all this
    happened. Not sure if this is related or if the chiropractor caused it. I
    do a lot of sitting at my desk, so I’m guessing bad posture. What do you
    think? I’ll try the exercises and see what happens. Thanks

  11. Eelyn Soon says:

    Btw, i have narrowed disc from c3-c6, disc bulge c6/c7. c2 spinous process
    is sitting on c3 (i do not know if its called spinous process, its the long
    bone behind in between the facet bone. c5/c6 spondylosis + disc osphyte.

  12. Ron Dombcik says:

    Great video. Have been to PT many times and they say “chin tuck” when doing
    similar excercises. Should your movement include doing the chin tick? Also,
    I do have pain / tingling in the arm only down to elbow. Is that ok when
    doing your excercises? Is that ok? Would also be interested in a video
    using a home traction machine and commentary about it. Thank you.

  13. spinenutrition says:

    @thepowerwriter That is a good question. Shoulder and neck symptoms often
    overlap. Some of these exercises could be helpful for neck pain. Exercises
    targeting postural change can help both neck and shoulder issues. I often
    additionally recommend exercises for strengthening the upper back/scapular
    stabilization for shoulder issues. I will try to post a video response with
    some exercises for shoulder issues. I also have some of these exercises on
    my blog The Back Exercise Doctor.

  14. davechimezie1 says:

    wow it worked….nooooooooooooot

  15. Shane Mangrum says:

    If you are 15 and having headaches every day this is not normal. I would
    recommend that you talk with a physician and make sure this is
    investigated. Sometimes people perceive an occasional grinding sensation
    and this may not be too concerning of an issue. In your case, though, you
    should see a physician and likely have some imaging if you are having
    headaches and these other symptoms.

  16. Shane Mangrum says:

    I am a physician first and videographer on the side. This was one of my
    first efforts in making a video of exercises. Hopefully that buys me some

  17. Shane Mangrum says:

    You could try these and they often are helpful for cervical facet joint
    issues. If you have significant vertigo when lying down you may benefit
    from seeing a physical therapist trained in vestibular or canalith
    repositioning exercises. This may be very helpful with the vertigo.
    Hopefully this helps. Let me know how it works for you.

  18. yvonne mckay says:

    ive had a cervical fusion in my neck 7 yrs ago n got into a car accident
    recently found out ive got anther herniated disk on top of my fusion..any
    advice?ive tried physical therapy and traction still in pain.

  19. Shane Mangrum says:

    Point taken. I agree. Future videos will reflect this emphasis.

  20. Shane Mangrum says:

    Thanks for the comments. I agree that a video and commentary regarding
    traction would be useful. I am working on getting a number of additional
    videos on topics like this ready and I would appreciate your feedback.

  21. Shane Mangrum says:

    … you should talk with your physician and a good therapist to guide these
    exercises. If you are having numbness and signs of nerve irritation or
    compression then the process should be monitored. That being said, even
    with numbness and some of your symptoms McKenzie and related exercises can
    be a great tool to make things better. Hopefully this helps. Keep things in
    a pain-free range when doing any of these exercises. Let me know if you
    have more questions or need more information.

  22. WatchOut20Me says:

    in the cervical retraction exercise, wt muscles are activated while doing

  23. Shane Mangrum says:

    I am an amateur videographer. We are working on my skills.

  24. chaburchak says:

    Interesting video and very helpful. Thanks!

  25. tomekz28 says:

    I have a question, can I use these exercise when tilting my head back
    aggreviates my neck problems? I have pinched nerves and disc ruptures at c5
    and c6 levels (maybe c4, too): 2 months ago it was mostly tingling all they
    way down my right arm to my thumb and index finger. Last few weeks it is a
    pain in the deltoid area. Tilting my head back and to the right side makes
    things worse. Should I wait until the pain subsdides before starting
    McKenzie exercises or is it safe to start now? Thank you.

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