2013 Autism Favorites – Books, Toys, Therapy tools & Supplements

EXPAND BELOW FOR LINKS AND INFO *** The items listed are those which have helped our journey and my son only. I hope by sharing it will give you ideas to…


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  1. Leeshy says:

    Yay lighting! What does LT do with the Thera-Putty? Does he make shapes? 

  2. felix jaquez says:

    She really is (;, do you have Facebook?im thinking of deleting my ig
    account and would like to stay in contact with you! We see a dan doctor
    here in Edison we just started going and so far he’s ok.i would love to do
    the jump start program again too! We’ll it was nice talking (;

  3. Julie Fieldgrove says:

    Loved this. I actually have the first book, will definitely read it :) 

  4. MsRoseofBeauty says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. My son is 3 years old and so hard to find toys
    to keep him focus. He was diagnosis at 21/2 with Autism.

  5. Mary Davis says:

    Wish you could find time to come back or if you have another channel please
    let me know thanks! Autism is on the rise and more videos like this are so
    wonderful pray all is well on your autism journey and I have been on this
    road since 06 I have two boys on the spectrum. God bless you and your

  6. felix jaquez says:

    I follow you on Instagram,if I’m not mistaken you see dr Barbie Ziberman in
    New Brunswick too!i did the 5 week jump start program too,this is my
    husbands account so don’t get alarmed by the pic you see here lol so glad I
    found some one around me that is going thru the same thing as me,I’m
    yazjaquez on Instagram by the way,do you have Facebook?sorry for asking and
    talking so much don’t want to seeing like a crazy person just really
    excited to see someone around me I can relate since I can’t relate to any
    of my friends anymore.i see a dan doctor in Edison who do you see?

  7. Mary Davis says:

    Found the rest….Thanks for all the great advice

  8. 4MEandLT says:

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