Katalina doing her occupational therapy

Katalina is so happy to do the occupational therapy that she does not mind it at all. She actually enjoy it.
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  1. Heyajean Styles says:

    I’m still a student right now.. and I’m planning to take OT or PT.. but I’m
    a bit confused about of this two.. whats the difference of the two???

  2. Dillard Pennypacker says:

    What’s wrong with her in the first place?

  3. valeenie says:

    in my opinion (as on OT) this looks like they’re just focusing on play time
    and fine motor skills, especially with all those small toys. She’s so

  4. asianreview says:

    May i ask what specific OT goals were during this task?

  5. panadera99 says:

    katalina..y are u soooo cute?

  6. kristinaot says:

    Katalina is so cute and doing so well in her OT! I hope she continues to
    progress. Good job, Katalina!

  7. AndersonKing says:

    Very nice work! Reminds me our practices in the childre’s hospital. I’m an
    OT student from Uruguay, and in our country the OT is very new.

  8. LAcocoloco says:

    I came across this video looking into OT as a career… she is such a
    sweet, adorable and smart little girl! I was sad to read she had
    passed…so sorry for your loss

  9. lacra says:

    up the OTs!

  10. jsrcamp says:

    R.I.P sweet littel girl. mommy and daddy just remember that your littel
    girl is now looking down at you from heaven. and that she is not struggling
    to breath any longer. she was a very pretty littel girl

  11. mingthang69 says:

    Katalina has passed away as of January 11, 2009. Her lungs were just not
    doing well at all.

  12. mingthang69 says:

    Just to get her moving around and doing things to build her strenghts since
    she has been in the icu for awhile now.

  13. tasneem s says:

    may i ask whts wrong with this girl and did ya ask her parents if ya can
    post this

  14. Bernard Fulgham says:

    I am going to use this video in teaching a class of physical therapy
    students about grasp and assessing grasp. Thank you for posting it.

  15. darranthaya says:

    She’s an adorable little girl. Sorry for your loss.

  16. shafiq peer says:

    @eiijeiiyeah Helo, a student of OT here. Briefly, OT helps people in their
    occupations or activities of daily living, in which they have limitations.
    Thus OT will use ACTIVITIES which are meaningful to the person as their
    tools for intervention. For example OT will use play to treat children. OT
    should have a strong background both in physical and mental health. I can
    assure you its such a wonderful subject. Anyway OT works in a
    multidisciplinary team with PT and other health professionals!

  17. Clara Rivas says:

    Im really sorry, very beautiful and cute girl…..

  18. mingthang69 says:

    She had a heart and double lungs transplant in September 2006.

  19. Gypsy Moua says:

    Hay Ming It’s Gypsy. I’m so happy to see Katalina doing good. She is so

  20. anitaprendushi says:

    I am really sorry to hear that your cute little girl passed away. She seems
    her to have such a desire for life and couriosity. As parent all you say is
    that you did what you could I guess.

  21. shamia3121 says:

    she is a cutie. I heart ot’s espicially peds ot. im in skool for pt but
    ot’s are amazing

  22. mingthang69 says:

    Katalina had a heart and double lungs transplant. I am her parent.

  23. jellyjell17 says:

    cute…this is what i wanna do…if im going to be dealing with children
    like this then im going to love my career! sooo cute.

  24. lilsunshineray08 says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

  25. pumpkinpie17 says:

    she is adorable!!!!!!!!!!! so so cute

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