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  1. qochemist says:

    I think I needed to hear this…I really need to audition some prayer
    warriors for occassions such as this….People often think my life is a bed
    of roses and uncomplicated and while it is true…I am blessed in so many
    ways…I truly struggle with a few things from time to time and yet…since
    I am always the one who tries to show support and love for others in their
    struggle sometimes people overlook my struggles….Pray my strength…Any
    video with Flickerbug always lifts my spirits :-) 

  2. Cocoa B says:

    I have manic depression and have had it for 5 years now. I like to believe
    that I don’t. If you put in your mind that you have this illness, you will
    live it. I used to wake up thinking that I’m depressed and I would just
    feel bad for no reason. I still have down days, but when I do I snap out of
    it because I learned that I cannot allow it to stop me from doing enjoyable
    things in my life. It’s all in your head, if you learn to control your
    thoughts things will get better. At least in my case, it has helped me

  3. trich315 says:

    Thanks for the video.

  4. n2meuc2 says:

    I miss the “Gotta be me” song with the pretty cartoon version of you in
    your intro & out-tro. : )
    I totally appreciate your continued honesty. Yes the ups and downs of life.
    It’s all good! Much love always.
    Possible topic/update: How are you making out with the possible reentry
    into the work force? And how is Flickerbug making out w the various
    schooling & services that you talked about recently? 

  5. glamazini says:

    7 videos in 7 days! First up #Depression Confession

  6. Journeythrough3 says:

    Depressed and struggling with my prayer life, been in bed off and on for 2
    weeks…..prayers warriors mount up plz, in Jesus name..Amen

  7. Morena Azucar says:

    Thank you for this video.

  8. Thesunshine1224 says:

    How appropriate that your name is Roshini (illuminating light). My name is
    Felicia (happy) and I too struggle with depression. The enemy knows who we
    really are and that’s why he fights us but God is greater. Thank you for
    being a woman of God who keeps it real about depression because it is a
    real struggle.

  9. Evie Truth says:

    I too have prayer warriors. I reach out and speak my truth when I know I’m
    not feeling like myself. I struggle with PTSD from military service and
    I’ve struggled for over a decade. I’m a work in progress.

    Thank you for sharing. Be blessed eye n eye.

  10. metrolady72 says:

    Thanks for this video.

  11. pennytricia1 says:

    Very good topic,thank you for sharing.Have you done a draw my life video?

  12. Britnatural says:

    i have had depression for probably ten years (as yet to get proper help)
    but I still cant get used to the ups and downs. Every time I am fine i just
    somehow believe that’s it for life only to be knocked back down, I really
    need to accept I have depression. its hard. Had a pretty rough year and
    being a newly single mom probably made it worse! well decided on going to
    the doctor on Monday, why do I feel it wont help, pray for me.

  13. indy5225 says:

    I love u Glam ,, i suffer 2,, but u always make feel better , thnx hunn ❤️

  14. blueisis02 says:

    Thank-you so much for being candid in ur vids!! I love this series & it’s
    really helping me! Thank-you!

  15. WutsoevrThngsRLuvly says:

    Hi Ini!…Video idea for this week (if possible) Are you still a stay a
    homemaker? If so, how have things changed for you since you were working?
    Finances, social life, schedule (daily w/ the baby, you time, etc.). Has
    being at home changed your family dynamics/how? Would you like to…do you
    plan to go back to work? Anything else…advice/warnings about leaving a
    career to support your family full time? Thank you!

  16. Shunda Rene' says:

    Thank you needed this today new subbie 

  17. ayoungblood1 says:

    Thank you! I needed to hear that.

  18. Destiny Wright says:

    Loved this video! I sometimes struggle with being depressed because of
    health issues and aniexty but I eventually bounce back because I have a
    little one to take care of! Have you ever had problems with aniexty?

  19. KurlyMommy G says:

    It helped me, simply.

  20. SweetVIRose1 says:

    Love love your vids! Coming from a fellow Virgin Islander! 

  21. Thepurfectme says:

    Would you make a video on why we have so many African American homes headed
    by single women? Comment also on why there are a number of African American
    males (preferably) dating and marrying Caucasian women.

  22. Etselec Notpmah says:

    Love to see a hair update.Your shape looks good.Fits your face perfectly

  23. maryapatterson says:

    Thank you Roshini for this clip.
    Much love and spiritual hugs to all those that need it.
    Many blessings be.

  24. Etselec Notpmah says:

    I have it too…a few days of out the month.I feel it.I don’t surpress
    it.It passes more quickly that way.

  25. YT4Me57 says:

    Oh my gosh Roshini, I went through about a week or so of depression
    recently. I had begun to isolate myself, lose interest in daily life and
    feel there was no hope in certain situations. The strength I had for so
    long just seem to have melted away.I honestly thought that I would have to
    go see a counselor again (I have a history of clinical depression years
    ago); but my spirit directed me to ask a good friend to pray for me. That
    same night I had a long cry as I listened to a Christian inspirational
    video. The next day I felt like a huge weight had lifted off my spirit. You
    are so right about reaching out when you need help. I was able to truly
    enjoy the beautiful weather today and thank God for His deliverance!

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