USN Patrol Boats Vietnam Pt.1

Patrol Boat, River (also referred to as Riverine and Pibber), or PBR, is the US Navy designation for a type of rigid-hulled patrol boat used in the Vietnam W…


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  1. iampeeay01 says:

    GReat video… very informative… :)

  2. milwaukee wisconsin says:

    thank you for his memory may his soul find the way to peace for he will
    never be forgotten and thank you for your service that is if u were

  3. chica476 says:

    @DROPD5150 I wish I could’ve met your papa, he sounds like a pretty good
    guy, thank you for sharing this story… hooyah.

  4. Dogmeat1950 says:

    they didn’t repel shit.. they got there ass kicked.. wtf book did u read?
    they couldn’t do jack shit while the USA was there. wasn’t till after the
    USA and it’s allies left that they could take on the weaker South.

  5. Tyler Preston says:

    Um yeah both the United States and France were pushed out of Vietnam. They
    technically won both wars.

  6. Carry Smith says:

    i salute your pops!..

  7. Bag0fRats says:

    Before my time didn’t these use a 427 Chevy to drive the screw ?

  8. jeff dahmer says:

    Brown water navy

  9. saxmanchiro says:

    I have a good friend who served on one of these in the delta. He doesn’t
    like to talk about it. Saw too much and wants it gone from his mind. I wish
    I could help him.

  10. MINH TRAN says:

    Good video

  11. cochranexyz says:

    This war was just another waste of time and lives. Period.

  12. Dogmeat1950 says:

    USA was never pushed out… only France was.. the USA simply left and did a
    draw down over the years before leaving. the USA left late 1972, the South
    fell about 2-3 years later.

  13. briggsquantum says:

    You are exactly correct. It took the Vietnamese 1000 years to get rid of
    the Chinese, 90 years to get rid of the French, and General Giap told the
    US it would take 10 years to get rid of them. He was right.

  14. DROPD5150 says:

    My Dad was on the USS Skagit During operation DOUBLE EAGLE..He drove and
    was a gunner in MIKE BOATS and other landing craft..He Did 4 Tours all
    together..He Passed away from a Heart attack in 1986…R.I.P. POPS!

  15. donpendry says:

    a very good boat.commander pbr 72,river sec 542 nha bea 1966-1968 don pendry

  16. NickHislop says:


  17. Tyler Preston says:

    I think you just proved my point.

  18. milwaukee wisconsin says:

    ha pbr go milwaukees pride pabst blue ribbon

  19. jinneemagic302 says:

    Yes but could they catch that fucking shark in Jaws!

  20. milwaukee wisconsin says:

    im sorry for your loss of a great man my pops was up in germany repairing
    h1 hueys unaware to his higher ranks that he was tweakin the engine to go
    faster then what the speed gauge read so those h1-hueys could get in and
    out faster then what was military standard at the time hes still with us

  21. DROPD5150 says:

    Pops name was Edgar H. Vertrees..he went by “Eddie” or mostly “Butch” from
    Blythe, CA.

  22. jay Day says:

    Your dad was good man my parents grew up in a communist country and we all
    thank the USA and it’s soldiers for fighting the good fight.

  23. UltimateTutorials42 says:

    How much did these boats cost to make?

  24. Tyler Preston says:

    You have to give the vietnamese props. I mean they took on multiple world
    superpowers and repelled them, Im a patriot of America, and I salute the

  25. rapperviet says:

    4th comment :p

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