Honest Reviewer Fanfic review 3 chap 1 pt 2 (Land Before Time: Journey Across Time)

This Fanfic once showed up on the doorsteps of the Honest Reviewer. Now he must read it to show you all how bad it really is.
Video Rating: 3 / 5


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  1. TheHonestReviews says:

    @Belmont2500 I saw your “Right Way” and apperently that mean you have to be
    boring as all hell. The mic blocks out your voice. You show no emotion what
    so ever like you don’t even care. Say what you will about my vids at least
    I care about making them. Then you hardly talk about the movie your
    reviewing; just how it differs from the book. When you do all you say is
    that it’s the best movie ever. That’s it! This was just you praising the
    movie. There’s a difference between praising and reviewing.

  2. FanFic Critic says:

    @Belmont2500 Um…the review didn’t suck. Your story, however, to put it
    nicely, isn’t “the best” fanfic in the world. If you can’t take criticism,
    then don’t write fanfics. Problem solved.

  3. Belmont2500 says:

    So that is what the original version of Ch.1 would sound like if read ten
    times fast, as for the review…it sucks,although I do like the background
    music. However. T’is been a while since I’ve gotten a good inspiration, I
    have started my own review show and it will be done the…. right way

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