Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

Multiple Mini Interview: common assessment for postgraduate training programs in dentistry, medicine and medical laboratory technology http://vp.ucalgary.ca/…
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  1. Kevin Moeral says:

    I feel a Canadian med school would give this answer like a 4/10

  2. Tom Phan says:

    highly recommend this video for anyone has MMI. I had a successful MMI
    interview and got accepted into program by learning from this video.

  3. Yuri Pompeu says:

    this girl is killing me
    blah blah blah> STFU already and answer the question

  4. Aisha Nurani says:

    It’s not terrible, she just needs to come to a conclusion. Sum up would she
    give the code or not? Its not clear.

  5. dankwan426 says:

    A fairly good answer. I would probably mention professionalism as she was
    describing her responsibilities as a tenant. As professionals, we hold a
    high ethical standard. With that being said, she should not give her friend
    the code. Overall, a good answer. Good alternatives. However, an ideal
    answer that would separate herself from others would be to incorporate a
    personal experience. Theoretically, she has shown great maturity, but she
    would benefit more by providing an example of when she has done it in a
    practical setting.

  6. David says:

    This was such a dumb question, and props to the interviewee for answering
    it and keeping her cool. However, let’s be realistic. there is a
    substantial dichotomy between what the interviewee says she would do, and
    what she would actually do in real life. Sure, it sounds great that she
    will be looking into gym memberships and classes, and even willing to pay
    from your own “already in debt from med school” pockets, but realistically,
    I find it incredulous that the interviewee would actually go through the
    trouble of all of this.

    The main point of contention that the question is trying to get at-in my
    opinion- is the responsibility that the tenant has to both the friend and
    the landlord/other tenants, which the interviewee summed up very nicely in
    the two minutes. Beyond this point, there really is no correct answer to
    this impossible question. To save yourself from the landlord’s blame, just
    type in the key code in front of your friend the next time she is over, and
    do it a few times just to make sure the friend knows what it is. This way,
    although you are taking slight advantage of the tenants and landlord, you
    are able to help your friend, who most likely has more to gain than the
    landlord/tenants have to lose. This is my take on the situation. 

  7. frank joe says:

    MMIs……whoever can run their mouth and bullshit the best gets to become
    a doctor

  8. Miloazn says:

    She takes the situation too seriously. Realistically, she’s not going to
    lose a friend just because she didn’t offer her code to the gym. Also, her
    friend should be more than capable to look into other detailed options of
    physical fitness herself. Furthermore, she began to focus too much on a
    small subset of ideas (1.Can’t give gym code b/c this is unfair to the
    agreement she signed. 2.She’ll help her friend in any way or form she can)
    and added too much filler i.e. maybe we’ll go and buy a $10 abs work out
    video. I think she should have had the following points: 1. Tell her
    friend she can’t have the code. 2. offering the code to others is unfair
    because free loaders may make the gym tardy and they do not share the same
    responsibilities for the facility, also free loaders may offer the code to
    other free loaders. 3. Offer her friend to go to the apartment gym with
    her, they can work out together (sometimes, not all the time). 4. A gym
    isn’t the only requirement to get into shape. 5. If her friend is
    particular on finding a gym membership there are often special low income
    memberships offered at most community gyms, usually you have to inquire
    about them. 6. Recap on the entire situation, how do these actions make you
    a friend while being responsible to your apartment community, and that
    friends come first, but friends come first within reason.

  9. yudditennis says:

    As the girl walks out the lady probably went: i though it´d never end

  10. yudditennis says:

    STFU and answer the questions already.
    I would giver her money… -_-

  11. Vicki France says:


  12. Mindconjurer says:

    The answer was a little too rambling and repetitive, I think.

  13. fuckmehardplzz says:

    wuts so awkward about that?

  14. ieatroches95 says:

    I’m sure if this “friend” came and asked me for a card to use my building’s
    facilities, I wouldn’t have as long of a conversation like this woman had.
    I’d just say No. I ain’t got time for her BS, I AM IN MED SCHOOL.. I NEED

  15. Samuel Alvarez says:

    I’m sorry am i the only one hear who thinks this is total bullshit. Come
    on. So much diarrhea of the mouth.

  16. xtinkerbloomx says:

    A lot of the time it is detrimental to talk too much. Better to state her
    point and stop talking. She also seems to focussed on the financial portion
    of the problem.

  17. bacon says:

    That’s actually a pretty good interview. I’m impressed!

  18. Jane Doe says:

    wow. I can’t talk as much as her. I normally will stop talking at 2
    sentences max. You need to have a 6 minute answer for a med school
    interview in Australia though.

  19. ktcantthinkofaname says:

    Isnt she taking on a bit too much responsibility in this friends life? Is
    it her job to research programs at gyms (not even touching on the offering
    to pay part!)?

  20. Lase O says:

    i have an mmi tomorrow! crying to myself.

  21. QueenM says:

    I have MMI tomorrow I just can’t believe ill be talking 8 min in each

  22. iloveu975 says:

    @doggiegyrl Hi! I have my MMI next week and I know this seems really really
    cheeky, but could you please help me out a little bit and tell me how yours
    went? I would appreciate it soooooooooo much! Thank you.

  23. sandy gorail says:

    good answer stupid question

  24. Whoopi Goldburg says:

    i fully agree with your point… then again… how the FUCK do you fill 8
    minutes talking about a stupid keypad dilemma. just let her in or don’t. I
    would love to ask the facilitators the same question on their feet and
    watch them mumble their way after 2 minutes

  25. SU1989i says:

    this is the worst ethical dilemma ever. just give the fucking keypad

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