Grammy Award Winning Producer Brendan O’Brien- Interview Pt.1

Producer Brendan O’Brien has produced some of the most iconic records in the modern era of rock music. His list of clients Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machin…
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  1. Evan Shicks says:

    Brendan is actually the original voice of Crash Bandicoot, Neo Cortex, and
    Nitrus Brio.

  2. SynTemple82 says:

    In my opinion, Brendan O’Brien is the fifth member of Stone Temple Pilots.

  3. InkDrivenPh says:

    yep, they do… both great producers!

  4. meghe says:

    great stuff!!

  5. zziggymaan says:

    is it just me? or does Brendan O’Brien and Butch Vig look a lot alike? O.o

  6. pb3ch says:

    where can we see the uncut interview? i couldn’t find it on your livestream

  7. pangyre says:

    “I like to work” ++

  8. Jera Cravo says:

    Yep, I would love to watch the whole thing!

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