7 Steps to Stroke Recovery

If you like this video please donate to SRABC at www.strokerecoverybc.ca – thank you! “7 STEPS TO STROKE RECOVERY” EDUCATIONAL DVD INTRODUCTION • The main qu…


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  1. 이성균 says:
  2. Bishnu Tamang says:

    Very good info.

  3. joaquim Rodriguez says:

    very ppositive out- put thank you….

  4. Lisa Catherine Obl S.B. says:

    This well done but really Long for me to watch. I brake into two parts
    watch. Thank you to share.
    I am a two stroke survivor both within this one year. Aug. 10, 2013 and May
    17 2014.

  5. Carers Help Carers says:

    7 Steps to Stroke Recovery – YouTube http://ow.ly/y0gFz

  6. Tim Readman says:

    Glad to see this idea come to fruition thanks to the sponsors and the team
    at Lemongrass Films and Two Sparrows Productions. I know it will be helpful
    to stroke survivors and caregivers. I also hope it helps bring in some
    donations to help us continue to do our work. Losing major funding recently
    is a blow.

  7. Tim Readman says:

    Hot off the press … please spread the word. Our funding was just cut. We
    need your help more than ever.

  8. Stroke Recovery Association of BC says:

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