Tom Campbell MBT Forum March 2011 Pt 5/5

Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE forum has some of the most advanced information and discussions on our existence and our roles in this life available anywhere. In …
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  1. Carbonkraft says:

    Thank you very much Tom. I don’t have words that can describe what this
    mean to me, you are a REAL scientist!

  2. koen west says:

    Great series, many nuggets of good info. 

  3. Jason Kish says:

    I was excited to hear you discuss the Etheric Body concept, as I have read
    a lot of Robert Bruce work, and have recently become aware of the expanded,
    energized state in which my Etheric Body becomes EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. This
    is a knowing for me now, not a theory. When my Etheric body is expanded, I
    can literally feel the copy independently of my physical body. It’s as if I
    can feel it slipping and sliding around inside my physical. I use what is
    commonly known as the Wake, back to bed method for my OOBEs, as meditation,
    and other methods have proven to be ineffective for me.

  4. ShotGunKitty says:

    Thank you

  5. Jason Kish says:

    Thomas – it’s an honor to subscribe to your channel. A new friend is
    sending me your book, and I can’t wait to dig in to it. I’ve recently been
    having OOBEs, and will be going to the Monroe Institute in May to attend
    the Gateway Voyage. 

  6. ShotGunKitty says:

    This is awesome

  7. sunstarsmoon says:

    yes audio book please!! reading your books is more difficult than I
    thought. it’s taking a lot of time. if i could listen while in the car or
    doing stuff at home would be very beneficial to the material sinking in.
    i’m still going to continue reading but would like to add to the request
    for the audio books.

  8. Klaus Knuth says:


  9. Amazing Grace says:

    It’s so great to watch a Q&A with people who really “get” MBT; it takes it
    to a whole new level. :) Was there a forum meeting in 2012? Will there be
    one in 2013? Thanks for putting this on youtube. :)

  10. MrGalaxy128 says:

    Thanks for the vids. fascinating as always!

  11. whitegirlblue says:

    Thank you for posting these Mr.Campbell…I was wondering if you will be
    putting “MY BIG TOE ” on an audio book or mp3 download book? I have the
    books as well.

  12. sunstarsmoon says:

    I’ll be the first to buy it! Thank you!

  13. Tom Campbell says:

    Audio book should be available in a few months (spring/early summer)

  14. Candice uk says:

    Hello Tom, I have recently discovered your channel & I am now hooked!!! I
    have to agree an audio book for MY BIG TOE would be great, my own reasons
    for requesting an audio book is I that am a busy mum & run my own business,
    I don’t have a great deal of time to sit & read, but would love to listen
    to your book while doing mundane chore’s such as the housework, shopping &
    walking up the big hill to the school where my children attend, I often
    listen to audio books as these work well for me ;o) TY

  15. Tom Campbell says:

    Audio book should be available in a few months (spring/early summer)

  16. Brianawaken says:

    A lot of good information in there. Thanks Tom

  17. Grey1671 says:

    Makes perfect sense . Thank you for sharing your input and experiences Tom

  18. Kent Berlin says:

    Yes.I’ve been hoping to find “MY BIG TOE” on an audio book ever since a
    heard of the book..

  19. Kent Berlin says:

    More awesome stuff!!! Thanks Tom!!!

  20. Andrew Ortiz says:

    The example with completing orders in OOBE reminds me of solving
    programming problems. I always start out with an extremely complex way to
    solve the problem, get no where, and think the problem is impossible to
    solve. Then, when I take a break and am not in front of my computer, a
    solution dawns on me that is very simple.

  21. Willow Star says:

    Yes!!! A Million thanks for that!!

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