Navy Bean Pie Pt. 2

The ingredient list is on part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXzya0D0Tq8&feature=channel&list=UL.


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  1. ressenycva says:

    What can you use instead of powdered honey? I need to make this quick,

  2. LivingEclectic says:

    I am so excited to try this recipe! Thank you both!

  3. marie watson says:

    That sounds and looks delish! But help me if I missed it. I never
    understood the advantage of bean pie over potato or pumpki . Please forgive
    if it was already addressed. :-0)

  4. journey1971 says:

    Another new thing for me to try. I always love your/hubands cooking. And
    loved the little one’s comment about haven’t had this stuff in 30 years.
    lol Never make a video that includes children. They will always top the

  5. marie watson says:

    Is your friends mother from Honduras or Belize or somewhere near? My ex
    husbands fam is Garifuna from Honduras and they yucca (they pronounce it
    like “jew-kah”)..

  6. jojo6884 says:

    How awesome!!! I have all of that in the pantry, so trying this. Although.
    My big boy is a bit more apprehensive about food, but I think he may love
    this if he doesn’t know about the beans lol. He loves pumpkin pie. Your
    hubby is such a good sport ! Kiddos are cutie pies. I love seeing them try
    the food lol ” mini taste testers”. Good job !

  7. Ejahi says:

    lol! That new baby smell never gets old huh?

  8. janice brown says:

    thanks so much for posting all these wonderful videos, I’m Muslim and never
    made a bean pie, but I will try this it looks good, I will keep you posted
    thanks again.

  9. Ejahi says:

    I got my little Show Stealers. lol! Thanks

  10. traveln3 says:

    Thanks for the how-to vid. The pie looks delicious and as proffessional as
    store bought, but I’m sure it’s much better :-)

  11. momkatmax says:

    Looks great! If it tastes like sweet potato pie my hubby will love it.

  12. saywhich1 says:

    Thanks again! You have a beautiful family!

  13. Ejahi says:

    Sugar. I listed the ingredients on the 1st vid. You need to make it quick?
    lol! You got me cracking up.

  14. Low Profyle says:

    Your children are adorable!!!! Awww…. Almost made me want another one,
    but I’m through.

  15. TheSheChef says:

    “it’s like i haven’t had this stuff in 30 years…” She’s so great! Great
    recipe and great kids. My mom makes a version of that but adds cassava.
    Some people call it yucca, manioc or cassava. I can’t wait to have a
    kitchen and start cooking again…just a couple more weeks!

  16. Ejahi says:

    Wow! Another use for a root vegetable. I only had cassava once. My friend
    in highschool mother use to make it. They call it Yucca in the store but I
    knew it as cacssava. Cant wait for you to get back in your element again.

  17. Ejahi says:

    Thanks so much!

  18. 007chantell says:

    That looks good! Thanks for sharing..

  19. Low Profyle says:

    I am done. My baby is 7 and he is the only one.

  20. Ejahi says:

    Let me know how it turns out. There is so much to be done with a bean huh.
    From burger to soup to pies.lol

  21. Ejahi says:

    Thanks so much.

  22. Ejahi says:

    I am actually not sure. I just thought it was a good use of food storage to
    be able to make a pie with beans. I know that beans have calcium and
    protein and is a carbohydrate.

  23. Ejahi says:

    My 3yr old Hates beans but loves this pie. She doesnt know I snuck it in on
    her. lol!

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