Ryan Leslie Feat. Fabolous – Addiction

Ryan Leslie Feat. Fabolous & Cassie – Addiction [VERSE:] You’ve got fashion and style I’m lovin’ your smile and The way you get down I can’t see no one else …


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  1. Henri Afari says:

    Damn. I didn’t know there was a video for this!

  2. midnightclever says:

    u know what i just noticed. this video version is sexier than the other
    version. it could be the deepened beauty girls or that the video is in
    black and white. most likely both. im not as dark as them but u can still
    consider me dark skinned and i love my complexion. i know this girl is she
    was so proud to say her mother was light skinned. she wasnt. sad she
    couldnt love the dark tones of her mom and dad

  3. Kennesha N says:

    Why he did 2 versions of this video?

  4. getsilly87 says:

    @BasilX281 Dark skin girls are the best <3

  5. sheautiful Johnaon says:


  6. AGbaby235 says:

    I ain’t black but I like dark-skinned (black girls) and with all honesty I
    really mean it. I think all kinds of girls are beautiful including Black
    girls fo realz

  7. The416north says:

    Beat is off the chain still-Ryan did it again

  8. blueberry01120 says:

    He went to Harvard and got a perfect on his SATs at 14—whaaaatttt!!!— and
    he can sing and rap. What can he not do?????

  9. TheAlysa12345 says:

    @fefefay lol me 2

  10. nooniboo90 says:

    @SexyLikeAScorpio i know thats real

  11. MultiPrettyYoungThan says:

    Lmao, why did all the comments start talkin bout interracial couples ?

  12. belamenina109 says:

    08 memories!

  13. ABonthebeat says:

    @jiggyjusto lol settle down, youre probably just mad that your girl is
    black too

  14. ladyvilichili says:

    Another Addiction on the list :D

  15. SexyLikeAScorpio says:

    @neshaerve09 Yep! Aren’t we fabolous? :-D

  16. TheAlysa12345 says:

    wow ur cute im addicted to u lol love this song <3<3

  17. jordan484 says:

    @Onegurrrlrev yes!

  18. civan1987 says:

    after i hear about a hundred time, i still love it!

  19. Cet scan says:

    There are a lot of beautiful woman, only some are not that good looking

  20. Dontay71 says:

    hahah ryan leslie killed this song damn i must say check out my channel
    Dontay71 hope you guys enjoy my vocals

  21. reece luxe says:

    I Like This One Better The Original Copy

  22. NeoNitty says:

    This songs reminds me so much of my ex girl..when we were eachother’s
    addictions…i cant even listen no more im gone…

  23. Demond Stephens says:


  24. nooniboo90 says:

    @tavocuts82 hater thats sad bruh bruh

  25. Jaiko6 says:

    That’s two hot Jamaican supermodel Jeniel Williams and Gaye Mcdonald.

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