The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist (Good Quality)

Best music video ever. Also check out the official YouTube channel of The Avalanches: http://www.youtube.com/user/AvalanchesOfficial.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. epicawkwardsilence says:

    This song scares me

  2. VM Brasseur says:

    Good $localtime. Have 4:24 of surreality in music video form. (lookin’ at
    you, +Guy Albertelli)

    You’re welcome.

    ht +Christopher Neugebauer

  3. BonDieu617 says:

    This is like, the best thing ever. I mean, who needs drugs anyway?

  4. Feline Samurai says:

    That bit at 1:09 “granecasu, lets have it to you, count to 3″ thing i
    think, sounds like Johnny Depp to me???
    (Heard it before only this is the first time ive actually seen the vid for
    it, if ya just listen though…maybe like Captain Jack Sparrow or

  5. Schaffer Ronnie says:

    man I keep listening to this wise piece of art since morning :) A perfect
    beat for a perfect song ..

  6. TheRestfulwind says:

    ‘But surely expulsion is not the answer?!!’
    ‘I’m afraid expulsion is the ONLY answer!!’
    [a private smile]

    A jolly tune to remind me I have a doctor’s appointment to keep!!!;-)

    To all frontier psychiatrists~~~
    [laughing crazily]

  7. Feline Kittykat says:

    I love this song.

  8. W Brown says:

    Tumblr’s theme-song.

  9. anaiaram says:

    so many things are going on and i don’t think i want to understant them all

  10. Zipper Zapper says:

    What does the cowboy in white at 1:08 and onward say?

    “Rana-gazoo, lets have a two, now when I count three!”

  11. ross delman says:

    they might call me crazy, But your nuts!

  12. Melody Gramer says:

    The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist (Good Quality)
    Pretty awesome but crazy music video.

  13. Mikel Sigler says:

    He’s crazy in the coconut!

  14. Swatch says:

    Heard the song on Pandora, decided to look it up while playing Borderlands
    2 one day. Now, I once needed therapy, and I’ve gone through it, and I’ve
    gotten meds, and I still talk to myself sometimes, that’s fine, whatever. I
    watch this video, and I’ve decided I may need to go to the looney bin. Yes,
    seeing THIS is the deciding factor.

  15. Christopher Neugebauer says:

    Good $localtime. Have 4:24 of surreality in music video form. (lookin’ at
    you, +Guy Albertelli)

    You’re welcome.

    ht +Christopher Neugebauer

  16. Joe Hughes-Corick says:

    Check out this hilarious video!

  17. Victor Backhaus says:

    Schizophrenia in a sunny Saturday.

  18. IkarugaSoul says:

    Much prefer the other video. There’s just something off about seeing all
    these people lip-synching samples that obviously aren’t from them.

  19. Teo jny says:

    I would go to a concert like this i wonder if they are still alive or doing
    more song’s , imagine how many people was in this video lol this is crazy i
    fking like it 

  20. Enolca says:

    0:47 Hey boys, th’ Klan’s here! 

  21. Triensi says:

    Came here because RubyQuest.

  22. kwas101 says:

    OK what was that? I think that *I* need therapy now.

  23. Naman Sood says:

    “That boy needs therapy.” :D 

  24. shepj says:

    i loved it :) 

  25. Slugger Maxman says:

    ¡Estás loco en el coco!

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