Percussion video

Clearing mucus for people with bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, or COPD.


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  1. KARIN WYMAN says:

    This is not how my family were trained to do percussion on me. There was
    pushing involved too. Not a very good demonstration of the real percussion
    but better than nothing.

  2. rap sokoi says:

    I have been diagnosed with bronchiectasis 5 years ago. I have persistent
    coughing and lots of phlegm all the time. My specialist doctor say I have
    to live with these symptoms for the rest of my life. I have taken
    antibiotics for a year and have recently stopped doing so as it has done
    little to improve my condition. You can imagine the quality of life I have.

    However, 2 weeks ago I started drinking ginger tea twice a day. After 3
    days my phlegm started to clear and my coughing is reduced to just a bit.
    Now I have no phlegm and the night wheezing and waking up has stopped. Even
    the crackling sound from my lungs has disappeared. This is the recipe you
    can all try:-

    Mix 60 gm ground ginger + 2 table spoon turmeric powder + 1 table spoon
    cinnamon powder. Mix well and store in an airtight container.

    To make 1 cup of ginger tea – use 1 to 2 tea spoon of the above mixture + 1
    tea spoon of honey + 1 tea spoon of lemon juice. Use hot water and sip
    slowly while the tea is hot.

    Please let me know if this help after 2 weeks.

  3. Monica Galang says:

    PD has saved my life many of times. It may look strange but it works.

  4. ABCsofCPT says:

    Very sad demonstration. NOT agressive at all!! So sorry you all don’t know
    any better. Please watch the video “michelle’s cpt”.

  5. Kaylee Smith says:

    I am a Respiratory Therapy student, you should strongly consider taking
    this video down. CPT should be performed for about 3-5 minutes, it should
    be steady and somewhat forceful, and it should ONLY be done over the lungs!

  6. laurijp18 says:

    Your kidding me, aren’t you? Your hand positions were all over the place.
    Even on her upper arm. Lungs are not there.!! This is such a bad
    demonstration of how to do proper CPT.

  7. Kyra Miller says:

    I also should add that I only have bronchiectasis, not cystic fibrosis, so
    the main objective is to clear the mucus from where it collects in the
    smooth scar tissue. I also recommend using daily 3% hypertonic saline
    nebulizer before percussing. It really loosens up the mucus and has the
    added benefit of preventing infections. Bacteria does not like to grow in

  8. Sean O'Brien says:

    purple chick is super hot!!

  9. betty dowden says:

    You’re a plain idiot. its not a sad demonstration, the vibration from the
    percussion radiates the upper torso breaking up the mucus. Educate yourself
    before speaking you ignorant person!

  10. Kyra Miller says:

    I agree. I made this novice video for my family to learn how to do
    percussion on me, but have since found better positions for mucus clearing.
    Looking back on it now, I can see that my posture was not angled down and
    the cupping on the shoulders was not useful. I did clear mucus from her
    having done 15 min. of it prior to the video. But now my fiance really gets
    the lower lobes, and I hang over the back of the couch. Works like a charm!

  11. betty dowden says:

    Sometimes you can’t just “Cough it up like a man”. I have cystic fibrosis
    and it sticks in there and refuses to come out, causing us to get deadly
    infections. That’s why I’ve endured this horrendous treatment for years,
    its very painful when your lungs aren’t healthy. Well it is painful for me,
    I don’t know about other CF patients.

  12. Linda scrappy says:

    First of all, I have CF and am 50 years old and I would not be alive if I
    recv’d this kind of therapy. Oh my gosh, this is a mockery of CPT, it’s
    very upsetting to see the RN clapping up on the shoulder area, there aren’t
    any segmental pushes on the areas to force the coughs after each percussion
    area. I have watched many CPT videos and the one that is the best is
    Michelle’s video. Please watch! I never saw patient bring up anything.

  13. MN Soriano says:

    Thank you very much for the demo. Helps me a lot. I’m going to do this for
    my 72 years old mother. Print is OK but demo , side comments and
    affirmation from a patient are much better. Thank you. Take care. Namaste.

  14. MrZacfisher says:

    i just cough it up….like a man

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