Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

Kid President believes we’re all teachers and we’re all students. What are you teaching the world? Who are you learning from? Share this with a special teach…
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  1. Randy Hilarski says:

    *What are You Teaching the World?*

    Everyone is a Teacher and a Student.

    #SoulPancake #Teachers #School 

  2. Megan Sheakoski says:

    *Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!*

    This one never gets old!

    Be inspired by Kid President as you and your kids head back to school!

    #backtoschool #kidpresident #parenting #teachers 

  3. Nina Larin says:

    Students keep studeting

  4. Elvira Ledezma says:

    Wow, the semester is over. Thank you Dr. Miller for all that you have
    taught us this semester! Now it is time to put theory into practice. Have a
    great winter break everyone!

  5. Aine Flanagan says:

    This goes out to those that teach.
    Those that learn and those that are Awesome!

  6. Parallel Education Division says:

    Motivational Monday!

    Lets help Kid President make this world awesome. Great video to help you
    start off your week.

  7. The GamingVideos323 says:

    0:52 Wait… wait…. you got a pet dinosaur? damn’d I wish I was the kid
    president maaan

  8. Andrew Blackwell says:

    Love Kid President! This makes me do what I do better!

  9. james crook says:

    i teach awsomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to learn
    spelling :) 

  10. Sabrina Jian says:

    This is by far the most inspirational kid I have ever known of

  11. emilyhaidy rivas says:

    U are the best me and my teachers and the students see your videos u
    inspire us

  12. Thaiden's Channel says:

    Love the video, amazing job; just had one small nitpick.

    “We can’t just study history, we’ve got to make history.”
    While I definitely agree with this statement it’s hard to deny that fact
    that many people in today’s society undervalue history and the lessons it
    teaches us.

    Everyone needs to be ‘aware’ of history before one can truly ‘make’ their
    Nobody is perfect.

    Once again, awesome vid!

  13. Gissel Dominguez says:

    Omg so inspiring

  14. Venesia Lewis says:

    Ahhhhh love your vidoes im in 4th grade and my teacher showed me this

  15. Diana Huss says:

    LOVE…LOVE…this young man! BRAVO for you words of inspiration!

  16. Dave wthm says:

    I remember back in the 2004/2006 when my music teacher always bully me
    because i was learning how to play guitar by myself, he, instead of help me
    or support me, just push me away from the group, well.. That did not stop
    me, I started to created my own music since then!

    Greetings everyone.

  17. Chad Mower says:

    my other favorite part was, “Science: You’re here..you take up space…you,
    matter!” I realized that was a pun about a minute later

  18. Rachel Itsrachel says:

    lol I’m a biology master’s student and kid president helps me so much
    especially when I feel like giving up keep it up man you’re already making
    a difference in the world 

  19. Carmen Pupo says:

    awesome thank you

  20. penny3560 says:

    Kid President, I’m going to help teach the world that there is no need for
    child labor in this world and that freeing the kids is what’s most
    important, so that kids can go to school and live their lives. The children
    being kept away is our next generation and if we keep them working for
    their childhood their not going to want to work when they get older and
    this world will be a mess. By making a change, by giving the kids their
    freedom we can change this world

  21. Jodi Sykes says:

    Kid President, I ♥ you!!!! I have shared your videos on my daily blog,
    Living La Vida Lymphoma because you are such an inspiration and you keep me
    (us) laughing! This video will be posted on 12/21/14…keep up the great
    work! ☺


    Bastante interesante esta iniciativa.

  23. Crazygaming Newgame says:

    http://instagram.com/p/w7V6sKvkrN/ follow me instagram

  24. Lisa Selk says:

    This is something that all teachers… students… everyone (with kids in
    their lives or not!)… Should take a few short minutes to watch! <3 :) 

  25. Glenn Croxton says:

    I’m teaching the world to be their self

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