Meditation increases prana (life energy) Prana (the vital life energy) is the very basis of health and well being, for both body and mind. You can gain prana…


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  1. Moezuz_love says:

    Is it weird if I got turned on? :/

  2. Aaron Sanford says:

    IT work but my brightness woke me up ):<

  3. AAD-10 says:

    “Open your third eye” me: 0_o she wants the D

  4. Marissa Rubin says:

    This meditation continues to be a great favorite of mine. I am most
    appreciative to the wonderful woman who gathered together such potent and
    healing directions :) 

  5. lopou lakama says:


  6. Jane Carter says:

    I came here to meditate cause I anger issues but the perverted comments
    made me laugh. Ahaha, if I was a guy I would’ve got turned on. 

  7. lopou lakama says:

    poutsobanana poutso banana NASASKA

  8. lopou lakama says:

    Banana ouxouxouxouxouxouxou xoxuxouxou

  9. Jeremy Foreman says:

    Wow some of these comments are ridiculous idiotic perverts! :s

  10. stewuart tusspot says:

    Oh my god that was an amazing experience

  11. Iron Crumpet says:

    It worked

  12. Laura Botsford says:

    Wonderful meditation! Soothing and energizing my whole being. Truly love
    your voice and pace. Thank you. 

  13. James Whitby says:

    This voice scared me 

  14. Amanda Moua says:

    Wow. It worked.

  15. V4NEKKI says:


  16. C. Perdue says:

    I was tense and getting so worked up a few minutes ago but I opened up…
    it really helped thank you

  17. Justin Ghost says:

    Yo I was drifting of evry two minutes

  18. Phoenix Swanson says:

    I really enjoyed this I listened to it w/ headphones and was completely
    relaxed the rest of the day. Thanks. And I added it to my favorites!

  19. biggyvo says:

    If u like this u should look into asmr vids on here

  20. Eva Morales says:

    That is so relaxing in summer/spring. Thank you :-) 

  21. Lisa Bird says:

    This is the sort of thing I listen to for my escape. You should try it for
    relaxation. Light some candles and lay in a warm bed for added comfort.
    Enjoy x

  22. GoldenAngelDragon says:


  23. wagner primo says:

    nice video to watch stoned

  24. TheJBoy73 says:

    In the suggested part is Suicidal Angels album Bloodbath…..YouTube you’re

  25. arendfieldx says:

    Amen to that boner XD

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