Speech Delay In Toddlers

http://www.diaperdirt.com – Here is an update on how speech therapy has been going for my toddler. Included are some speech activities to do at home on your …
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  1. MomAdventures says:

    My little guy was completely nonverbal, so his therapist focused on
    teaching him basic sign language and taught him how to use PECS (picture
    cards) to tell us what he wanted. He finally started talking around 4. :)

  2. Rebecca D says:

    My son (he’s 14 now) had speech delay as well. We did EI with with a speech
    therapist starting at age 3 till about age 7. I can say now, 3 more kids
    later. Every kid is different and develop on their own time. Eventually,
    all kids will talk. I stressed over my son not talking as much as other
    kids his age, and I wish I didn’t. That’s great you are being proactive :) 

  3. Five4FiveMeals says:

    Awesome! My son was in therapy for about 10 months. Best decision we could
    have made. His issues stemmed from hearing issues. 

  4. Victoria Birchenough says:

    My son is in speech therapy. 2.5, they are also watching for Apraxia. Flash
    cards and sign language have helped us a lot!

  5. nicpey says:

    how did you get on the ‘in home’ program?

  6. Adriana's Corner says:

    Thanks for the update!

  7. CameliaWill03 says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have a three year daughter who also
    has a speech delay. She received help from a state funded program called
    Babies can’t wait. They were wonderful. They only provided services till
    her third birthday and now we are going through the school system with an
    IEP. we did private therapy for a while but we saw no improvements and
    found BCW. 

  8. Amy McDaniel says:

    My son who will be 5 being of October has been going to speech therapy
    since he was 18 months. Here in Virginia they stop coming to your house at
    2yrs old. My son also has problems with certain letters/ words. He working
    on the l,k and r’s rights now. He really enjoys a-z music videos that u can
    down load on iPhone: might be able to get for android too not sure. 

  9. Dana Ryan | MsDiaperD says:

    Here’s an update on how speech therapy is going for us. #toddler

  10. Eileen Carrillo says:

    I am so glad you posted this video because my 20 month old son has a speech
    delay and he will be starting speech therapy soon. I feel so much better
    knowing this is common in boys and the great information and support that’s
    out there. Please post other videos on this subject really appreciate it.

  11. the ginger mommy diaries says:

    the good thing is if he does end up having a solid diagnosis, he will be
    able to get in home speech therapy until five – my son is on his last year
    of therapy but to be honest he doesn’t even need it this year, he’s so far
    ahead of the game from where he started due to just my time and effort with
    him everyday

  12. ayayurihinata says:

    Thank you tor sharing, Dana. My son Z is 4 1/2 and he’s come a long way. He
    still jibbers before sayings a word or a 3 word sentence but not often. He
    was evaluated at age 3 (I think) and that where it was shown. Thank you for
    sharing that I’m not the only one ^_^

  13. avon2891 says:

    My daughter was nonverbal till she was almost 5. The thing that helped her
    most was music. I did most all her therapy myself and we had a tss worker
    for about a year and her BCA said when she finds her voice it will progress
    quickly and it sure has. she is 6 and still has a lot to work on. she has a
    lot to say.

  14. Katey Andfamily says:

    I’m glad I watched this! When you mentioned Apraxia, and explained what it
    was, I started reading more about it. Theres certain sounds, my son just
    can’t sound out. And he just turned 4. 

  15. Mel Art says:

    Hope his speech continues to improve! Goodluck! 

  16. TheThriftyMommy says:

    Would it be alright if I did a sort of response video on this topic? My
    almost 11 year old is still in speech therapy (his is due to hearing loss
    though) amazing what can be accomplished with speech therapy. He is now
    learning to do different sounds by feel because he can’t hear them. 

  17. TheBabybound says:

    Thank you. Noah has a delay as well. We are waiting on a speech eval. These
    are very helpful things for me to implement until we get started.

  18. victoriapottle says:

    Thanks for sharing! My son is 4 and just finishing up his second block of
    speech therapy. He tended to leave consonants out which we have mostly
    mastered and now on to the ‘s’ followed by a consonant sound and the ‘l’
    sound. We use the cards too and we are supposed to take a short “homework”
    time every day to work on them using different games and the rest of the
    day we aren’t supposed to correct him. If we catch him doing it right we
    cheer him on but we let errors go if outside of homework time. We are also
    supposed to emphasize the sounds when WE are talking. I should make a video
    on this topic. I am passionate about early intervention! 

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