History of Occupational Therapy Timeline Video

This was a project for OTA 101 done along with my class partner, Sarah. A little irreverent, perhaps…
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  1. Mshari AlGhadier says:

    Thank you for this video, Im uploading this into my website and using it in
    my introduction lecture, after your permission for sure, thank you again. 

  2. Laura E Anstee says:

    This is so good! Brilliant job; very humorous and engaging :) 

  3. Gail Fisher says:

    Great job! Thanks to those who made this entertaining video. I plan to use
    it as part of our history section in my class at UIC.

  4. Mary-Ellen Bailey says:

    Thank you for this video which is not so dry!!! I will use this in my
    Introduction to OT class. 

  5. 島本良重 says:

    great job

  6. Terrie King says:

    Well Done Psalmseeker! I’ll use this in my OTA course 101 as well.

  7. Mary Kim Qualls says:

    I am so using this in my intro class. Great! Thank you for making this
    more fun.

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