Talking Autism Episode 3: Pediatric Occupational Therapy

EPISODE 3: OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 101- Nina takes us to visit Sensation Station and Occupational Therapist Randy Fedoruk to learn more about occupational thera…


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  1. Ibrahim M says:

    thank you for sharing this,, I am also an Occupational therapist andI use
    this approach for most of my children not only Autistic kids it is really

  2. An Nguyen says:

    Talking Autism: Pediatric Occupational Therapy

    Oh my goodness, I was too distracted by all the fun they were having that I
    had to watch it through twice just to catch all the good OT insight from
    Randy. Occupational therapy is all about “opening up windows of
    opportunity” – could not have said it any better myself!

  3. Medcare Pediatric Group says:

    It’s really nice to be able to help other people and teach them how to
    stand on their own. Nice video!

  4. EvilLurker says:

    Amazing thanks for the information it helped me a lot with my kid

  5. ליטל שחר says:
  6. Gila Shwartz says:

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