Using Rubrics to Monitor Outcomes in Occupational Therapy

This is a short upbeat video about why rubrics are so important to therapists. So dance in your chair, shake out your hands and take a look. I should also sa…
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  1. Eleanor Cawley says:

    Check out the video then check out the book!

  2. Eleanor Cawley says:

    Have you checked out the video on ‘Using Rubrics to Monitor Outcomes in
    Occupational Therapy?’ Why don’t you do a little workout while you learn
    about my book? Do you know what a rubric is? Have you ever used a rubric?

  3. Eleanor Cawley says:

    The REDO! I like it so much better.

  4. Eleanor Cawley says:
  5. Eleanor Cawley says:
  6. LongIslandVideoGamer says:

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