How to Correct a Scoliosis With Exercise and Stretching – Ed Paget

http://www.edwardpaget.com http://intrinsi.ca/what-we-offer/exercises present a really effective way to help straighten an idiopathic scoliosis. Many thanks to physical therapist Gary Gray…


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  1. Jini Patel Thompson says:

    Awesome video!! I was diagnosed with an S-curve at age 12. In my 20′s I
    began treating it with advanced yoga, Yamuna body rolling, craniosacral,
    myofascial and osteopathic treatment. By age 45 my lower spine is
    completely straight and my upper is only 1″ off center. These exercises
    look excellent. But what I would add is to combine them with loosening and
    stretching exercises – even between sets – otherwise you may see an
    increase in pain. I think you also need to mobilize or “unstick” the
    vertebrae, since most will have entire sections that are “fused” together
    and just move in a block – another thing that will prevent these exercises
    from having their full, desired effect. Just my thoughts. Thanks for
    sharing and I’ll pass this along.

  2. Alexandra Baranski says:

    I don’t understand why the lower back can be derotated by stepping the
    right foot forward. I have exactly the curve you discribed but I thought I
    had to step forward with the left foot. It makes sense to step on a book or
    something with the left foot, but it doesn’t make sense (for me) to step
    forwards with the right foot. In your picture it says the lower back is
    rotated to the left – that would mean to derotate you have to rotate to the
    right and to do this you have to move your left foot forward or your right
    foot back. Or have I misunderstood something? Hope you can give me an
    answer because I found your video very helpful but I’m quite confused with
    the derotation of the lower back!

  3. Sorana Popescu says:

    I am working for my scoliosis for 2 years,and I got from 28 degrees to now
    15-13 degrees.I had a S-curve that now is a C-curve.My left part can be
    easely seen if you look closely,and my right hip is really big but my left
    one does not exist.I am wearing my special corset 8 hours(while I
    sleep).How can I make my sipne have minimum 5 degrees and in how much time
    can I get over it.

  4. thomas babo says:

    Isnt it possible that the spine is curved to the other side, and how do i
    know exactly??
    Cause i dont want to make it worse ?

  5. Meh .Evver says:

    I am a kid, a mature kid. Am able to still do this and correct my spine?

  6. Lyes Benabid says:

    If you can help me
    I have problem with L1 ans L4
    Plz let me know what to do
    Thank you 

  7. fairybits says:

    I was born with it.I only just recently found out.Definitely will refuse
    surgery.Natural is the way to go.

  8. thomas babo says:

    When i have the same problem but to the other side do i just have to do the
    oppositd exercises

  9. Charlette Pomme says:

    Thank you for a very easy to follow and informative insight into scoliosis
    correction. This comes from an experienced Pilates teacher! 

  10. an jy says:

    i’m 17,my right back rib cage is higher and my left hip is higher
    my left shoulder is higher and it looks like i have muscles (that you get
    from exercising) in one side of the shoulder it appears higher than the
    right shoulder,which exercise i should do? ,pleas reply

  11. Michelle Chong says:

    Hi, I suspect I have scoliosis because my left hip/waist is much less
    curved than my right, I can feel my lower back tilt slightly toward the
    left as well. (was diagnosed with something like a 5degree something slant
    when I was a teenager) Does that mean the top part of my back is curved
    toward right as explained above? I am not sure that I fully understand. It
    as been curved for years now, I am 25. Hope I can do it correctly to
    straighten it. Thanks so much!

  12. Craig Fitzpatrick says:

    This video is excellent! Very helpful. However, I’m still having
    difficulty trying to figure out why the right foot goes forward when trying
    to unwind the left side rotation (of the lower curve). Could you please
    explain? Thanks!

  13. Tech Angel says:

    This is a great technique. My upper back takes a very sharp turn toward my
    right shoulder blade and after doing this a couple times a day (morning and
    night) for a few weeks it’s going straight up the middle of the back. There
    might be a very slight bend toward the right shoulder blade but it’s far
    far straighter and I’ve had someone else check it as well. I should have
    taken pictures. I was stretching out my upper back by hanging from a bar
    but I was very often hurting my shoulders. I have a yoga video for
    scoliosis and the stretch for your upper back entails reaching real high
    and gently pulling on your one arm to stretch out/uncurve your upper back
    but that hurts my neck. This seems to be a much better way to straighten
    the upper back and it doesn’t hurt your neck or shoulders or anything else.
    I would start out very very slow. I noticed for the first couple days I had
    slight pins and needles on the opposite side of the curve but it didn’t
    last long. I hold the stretch and turn pose for minute or two right before
    I go to bed so I sleep with the curve stretched out. I haven’t started the
    weight exercises at the end of the video but maybe I will soon. I pray this
    video gets widely distributed and blesses many people. Right now I’ve been
    pain free for well over a week. Thank you!

  14. ahmad60442 says:

    Hi, does lifting effect your scoliosis?? I lift a lot and I don’t know if
    it’s helping it or making it worse. Plz give me an answer

  15. Violeta Lomeli says:

    I have scoliosis but idk what kind it is. I don’t know if its s shaped or
    not. My right shoulder is lower than my left shoulder. and my right hip
    sticks out a little. is it the same as he explained? what if I do this and
    it reinforces it? I know the doctor told me to just stretch but I forgot
    what he said and that was 5 years ago :P 

  16. Param Bhagia says:

    Hi, I honestly found this video a little confusing. Could yountellnme if my
    lower back is curved to the right( according to you which is a left bend)
    which foot goes ahead the left or right ..?

  17. Patos Sz says:

    Hello! I am 16 and my lower back is side bent to the right as it is shown
    in the video.
    I would like to know if it would help if i put an insole in my left shoe to
    reach the same effect as i am standing on a book with my left foot. So
    would it help me to make my back straight? Please answer

  18. Alexis Malik says:

    I have like a 43 degree curve . Should I stick to my brace or stretch ?

  19. Kenneth Rimando says:

    What do you mean by 10-15 repetitions? Do I do that everyday or in like

  20. Taimera jai says:

    I have scoliosis in my upper back and the bottom of my back is curved and
    my shoulders aren’t level & looking at my self in the mirror makes me feel
    physically sick, can someone pleasssee give me re-assurance that this video
    will help??? Because I’m at breaking point thanks x 

  21. Sasha Fierce says:

    thank you so much. i hope to get my scoliosis healed through your simple

  22. wendy Lederer says:

    Will this work for someone who has had surgery? I have scoliosis.I had
    metal rods fused to my spine when i was 13. 

  23. Noah Oostdijk says:

    My back looks curved and my ribs in front are really un symetric, do i have
    scoliosis? My left rib sticks out really bad and the right one is ok

  24. Kendra Anthony says:

    Lol good thing I don’t know the shape of or the extent of my scoliosis ….

  25. Giorgos Kagkelaris says:

    I have the same scoliosis like this on the pic.And I agree with all,except
    for the lower back exercise. I think it should be done opposite. Left leg
    it should be fixed on the book,and with right leg to do exercise..

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