Army MOS 92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist

Army MOS 92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist.


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  1. Kelvondre Guess says:

    I wanted to know Is this job available for National Guard?

  2. Sam Hill says:

    Lol this job totally sucks! But is needed. 

  3. PinecrestRailroad says:

    The range of activities engaged in while in the zone was many and quite
    exciting, rewarding, for a young man looking for adventure. And, no matter
    the primitive, frightening events of a search and recover mission in the
    field, I always slept in a bunk at night. I traveled the entire country
    eventually and came to understand the commonalities among all peoples and
    the evils of war. Good luck to all who serve in this field.

  4. 54admo says:

    I am a former 92M, and it takes a special breed of person to do this job!

  5. Cunner Vax says:

    im leaveing for basic tuesday :D

  6. Paul Oh says:

    I go to Fort Jackson

  7. quickzilver333 says:

    @jhonnycashowns 75% wow! really a person with down syndrome can get rank
    (enlisted or officer)? Hmmm! lets evaluate that for a second. First you
    need a college degree either bachelors or masters to become and officer.
    Now how can a person with down syndrome graduate from college? hmmm! Second
    to move up in rank as enlisted you have to go to PLDC for sgt, BNOC for
    staff sgt. and ENOC for Sgt. first class. Now a person with down syndrome
    couldn’t even make it to corporal or specialist. hmm!

  8. slimphotog says:

    @MrCrashWizard geez, I wouldn’t brag about how much money you make off the
    bereaved. I guess the Army didn’t teach you that part.

  9. Cunner Vax says:

    i got about 94 days till i ship go to basic and then got for this training
    i didnt know that they took care of other branches as well in the begging i
    saw marines >:O i think realy gonna enjoy my mos. i can deal with the dead.

  10. Jose Francisco Quinones says:

    Some has been deployd with this MOS? I am a 92Y but my unit wants me to
    reclass to this MOS so we deploy on january.

  11. rkilldog says:

    I was a 92m for 6 years, deployed to both Bosnia and Kosovo. I would highly
    recommend this MOS to anyone considering it. 92m’s past and present are
    kinda the unsung hero’s of the military. This MOS is only available in the
    Army. There are two active units, and I think there are two reserve units.
    And no, those were not actually dead soldiers, they were acting.

  12. baraxor says:

    Virtually every one of the fallen had parents, siblings, children, buddies
    and friends. I’d like to think that work of the 92M helps with the healing
    process by providing proper closure.

  13. TheMovieHero says:

    @theharveyco Hey Harvey, you might just qualify for an Candidate Officer
    with your credentials and experience :)

  14. captpinchcard says:

    were those real dead soldiers? or were they just acting?….they looked
    pretty dead

  15. Christopher Quigley says:

    I do this and have been deployed doing it and it can be rough but you just
    need to stay strong and have a positive attitude…Most 92M that you meet
    will have the greatest sense of humor and have the most respect towards
    anyone because in this field you HAVE to be respectful of the dead and
    still willing to move on and be happy.

  16. Oxstayne says:

    Worst job in Army….

  17. Cunner Vax says:


  18. civilwargeneral says:

    I did this 25 years ago, then it was 57F and was called Graves Registration.

  19. Kyle marion says:

    this is not what this mos consists of on a daily basis. you will usually
    sit at fort lee virginia in a classroom doing nothing or in the motorpool
    doing vehicle maintnence. you will only get the chance to do your job if
    you are chosen to deploy in which you will only be deployed approx. 6
    months. in that case you will pretty much live in the morgue and when
    called on you will perform your duties.

  20. caknox says:

    @MrCrashWizard im going to that now im going to do 8 years n then get out
    do you know where good pay for that career is

  21. Som1getDvagisil says:

    ill be waiting for you in my unit private!

  22. metalfuk1 says:

    @theharveyco Thank you, that means a lot. Some of my friends think im
    stupid for joining and they think im going to get killed. and if that be so
    id rather die for my country than sit around my whole life wondering if i
    could have made a difference.

  23. PinecrestRailroad says:

    I served a total of 36 months in Vietnam under the MOS 57F, Memorial
    Activities Specialist. That was the MOS that replaced Graves Registration
    Technician and was replaced by the 92M used today. I served another 2 years
    as an instructor in Memorial Activities at Ft. Lee. I was 19 when I
    enlisted. Thousands of bodies went from my hands to the hands of others on
    the way home. I remember that the most mutilated, most decomposed, least
    identifiable the body, the more I we had to use our skills.

  24. Avera9eWh1teShark6 says:

    A grim job, but someone has to do it. this is one of those POG jobs that
    you cant really disrespect.

  25. SoldierCyfix says:

    @yourtony99 actually its very difficult to get infantry at this time
    because so many people are involved in that field, as for “it doesn’t take
    skill to point a gun and die” why don’t you go tell that to the guys in
    S.F, Force Recon or Navy Seals

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