Humor Motivates Child with Down Syndrome!

Please sign up for my newsletter for free resources and tips at http://www.TheRhythmTree.com. In this music therapy video with a girl with Down Syndrome, music and humor help her improve…


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  1. fiordilijika86 says:

    Hi Ryan, I love your videos, thank you for sharing them. I would like to
    ask you for advice about working with Down Syndrome and emotional
    regulation. My client tends to hit or pull the hair every time she get
    excited or she get frustrated.

  2. Ryan Judd says:

    This music therapy session with a client with Down syndrome illustrates the
    following: 1. Using humor can be an effective way to capture a child’s
    attention and motivate him or her to work on therapeutic goals 2. Physical
    humor is one of the most effective styles of humor when working with
    children with special needs 3. Each child will respond to humor differently
    so take the time to try some different techniques 4. Allow yourself to be

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