Anne-Marie Goes to Downtown Port Huron

Life-long resident of Port Huron, Michigan Anne-Marie Smythe, goes downtown for a day of shopping only to discover that all her favorite stores have gone to the North End. With insightful advice,…


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  1. eddiebatmv says:

    She sounds like she’s a Jew from New York. If the guy in the Ford
    converitible saw her coming, he would FLOOR IT. What’s in the coffee cup?

  2. waggiesgirl4eva says:

    She is so annoying

  3. BellydancingMama says:

    Ummmm yeahhhhhhhhh I agree with Lissaruby…who the heck is the goofball???
    lmao In PH yes….but who’ is she trying to be???

  4. lissaruby says:

    Too long, too fake, bad acting… She is in downtown Port Huron, but who
    she’s trying to be is beyond me. Not even funny. Waste of time :(

  5. aphguy says:

    Off the shoulder or on the shoulder? On the shoulder with a heavy bag on
    your head.

  6. whodare says:

    i think shes from New York.

  7. blu3horse17 says:

    if this lady was a life long resident then why does she have an accent?
    I’ve lived in PH all my life and I definitely to do talk like that.

  8. worldstreetphotos says:

    Off the shoulder please

  9. jsto66 says:

    She is so NOT from Michigan

  10. aphguy says:

    I have lived in Port Huron all of my llfe and we DO NOT have a thick
    Canadian accent. The people from Ontario speak diferently than we do. They
    speak with more of a British dialect than we do. We speak American English.

  11. 79goldmaster1 says:

    she looks like a chubby bea arthur

  12. Phil Tuttle says:

    This woman is gross….. the word idiotic comes to mind… is there a point
    to this?

  13. xxdeadkxx says:

    ya..i lived there 25 years wish i had the chance to meet her..id hit it for

  14. jimyrichardson says:

    @SuperGoldfish1999 No, we are no-one’s province. WE ARE MICHIGAN!!!

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